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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection

real techniques duo fiber collection (3)

Can you ever have too many brushes? I'm of the school of thought that says no, but I probably have too many of quite a few things... Maybe I'm not the best person to ask, but I stand by no since a few extra brushes are always handy. That said, when I spotted the limited edition Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection I just had to add it to my cart.

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real techniques duo fiber collection (1)

'Create buildable color and add texture to look pixel perfect for any occasion and in any light with this first and only duo-fiber set. Includes 3 limited edition brushes :duo-fiber face brush for lightweight application, duo-fiber contour brush- for controlled  contouring and sculpting duo-fiber eye brush - for finishing touches to the eye.' - Real Techniques

Who can resist Real Techniques brushes? They always seem to be perfect and at a pretty fantastic price point too. The Duo-Fiber Collection definitely fits the brand reputation. I've been using these for a few weeks and am pretty happy- well, no that's a lie- I am very happy with these!

The quality is on par with what we've come to expect from Real Techniques but with a few changes- the duo-fiber aspect is new and the handles. I love that they've made these with straight handles! The tapered handles with wide bottoms on the original brushes just end up taking up too much room when stored. My brush cups are getting a bit overfull and it's the Real Techniques brushes taking up more space. The handles are plain white with black end caps and have their uses printed on them in colourful printing. I've yet to was these, but I don't expect any issues as I haven't had a single hair shed yet.

real techniques duo fiber collection- face brush

The Duo-Fibre Face Brush is a large-ish brush that works nicely for applying powder and cream products lightly. The duo-fibre bristles prevent applying too much product as they simply don't pick up a lot of product. I like using this brush for face powder and for cream blush as it blends colour nicely and as mentioned, won't apply too much. No risk of clown face with this one.

real techniques duo fiber collection- contour brush

The Duo-Fibre Conour Brush is a more compact version of the face brush that is truly perfect for contouring. I am still only an occasional bronzer/contour-er so I do like a more precise application method. This brush fits my face nicely and makes applying bronzer so much easier thanks to the fact that it blends as it applies and won't let me apply too much product. This brush is also perfect for applying blush and highlighter. Can't beat a multi-tasking brush!

real techniques duo fiber collection- eye brush

The Duo-Fibre Eye Brush is a long, fluffy blending-type brush that works well for just that- blending. The duo-fibre bristles makes this best for blending or applying product lightly to the crease. The style of this brush doesn't make it much good for packing on colour, but blending and light application is where it shines. I quite like this for applying really dark, pigmented shades to the crease, as it allows me to build the colour slowly and gives a perfectly blended finish.

Overall, you really can't beat these brushes. They're all silky soft and completely touchable- I can't resist playing with a new fluffy brush- and are perfect additions to any brush collections thanks to the fact that they work for so many uses. Are you a Real Techniques fan? Do you have these brushes? Thoughts?

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