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Monday, February 3, 2014

Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer

A lot of nail trends end up being fads that end up unloved and unwanted mere weeks after they were 'all that'. You know the ones. One trend that seems to be sticking around though is the textured finish. I never expected to be a fan, but I totally am, especially when it comes to the sugary, shimmering versions. Sally Hansen is following up their Sugar Coat textured range with a new Sugar Shimmer line that brings shimmer and sparkle to the party- something the Sugar Coat formula lacked. Read on for a peek at Sugar Plum!

'Sally Hansen's Sugary look that dries to a 3D Matte Finish infused with reflective Mica for a completely unique look! Rich saturated colors for an ultra covering, textured look and feel.'

Sugar Plum is a mauve tinged pink with iridescent and gold shimmer. The shade is very pretty and feminine while the gold shimmer gives it some warmth and dimension. The formula of this shade is thin and quite sheer. It took three coats for full opacity making sure to leave a few minutes between coats for the 'sugar' to set. If you apply coats in succession too quickly the sugar effect doesn't develop properly. The texture isn't overly rough, but is lightly bumpy and the overall finish is semi-matte. I found wear time to be excellent- something I find all matte textured shades to be- and wore beautifully for a full five days.

Overall, I quite like this! The formula is comparable to the Zoya Pixie Dust range- which I also love- but are easily found at the drugstore. Are you a fan of textured polishes? Have you tried these? 

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