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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Born Pretty Store Water Decals | Orchid Leaves

Water decals are quickly becoming one of my favourite things. And really, why not? Perfect nail art applied in mere seconds. The hardest part is waiting for your base polish to dry. Today I popped on a cute little set from Born Pretty Store. Read on for a look!

Born Pretty Store Orchid Leaves Water Decals are cute little white flowers- they look like cherry blossoms to me- with assorted leaves and foliage, if you will. I wasn't sure what I thought of these, but they are pretty cute! I went with a lavender base, but these would also be cute over a peachy pink or blue- the colours I had on my short list.

For those who have never used water decals, they really are incredibly easy to use. You simply cut the design off the sheet, dip it in water for 10-20 seconds,  then slide it off the paper and onto your nail. As long as your fingers are wet, you can move the decal around until it's in the perfect spot. Once you've got it where you want it, pat it down with a paper towel and apply top coat. That's it, perfect nails!

Born Pretty Store has a ton of different designs- full nail and small designs- and they're always offering something on sale. I like to order a bunch at once so I have a range to choose from! Do you like water decals? What do you think of these?

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