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Monday, March 31, 2014

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria Eau de Parfum

I think I'm in a bit of a mood today. Not a full on rip your head off mood, but I'm definitely not completely chipper. A lot of little things are really getting on my last never though. Like, why bother featuring nail polish on your blog if you're going to show in on wheels and then not even have close up shots? Insignificant things like that, you know? Something that does perk me up a bit though is a new scent, and I have to say I've been finding a lot that I love this Spring. One of such is the new addition to Calvin Klein's Euphoria family- Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria.

As mentioned, Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria is the newest addition to the Euphoria family of fragrances and said to 'translates the provocative fantasy of the iconic euphoria fragrance into sheer uplifting sensuality.' Not too descriptive if you're unfamiliar with Euphoria, but I can say this is a really lovely scent if you favour airy, light scents with a floral-fruity tone.

The scent is what I'd think of as being typically Spring/Summer appropriate because it is light and sunny through and through. Even when you get to the end notes, it retains it brightness. I didn't find that this wears an incredibly long time, which can be typical of lighter scents, but I quite prefer that for warmer weather scents. I'd rather re-apply a scent than deal with the drags of a scent that's changed due to my body chemistry and the heat.

As for the actual fragrance, it's mostly floral with top notes of cherry blossom, mandarin and bergamot, middle notes of pastel rose, violet and syringe, drying down to a base of bamboo, sandalwood and musk. There is a light fruitiness, but it comes across as a brighter note and is not an obviously citrus based note. The violet comes through quite nicely- I'm biased though, as I love violet- and warms ever so slightly when the musk comes through in the dry down.

Overall, this is a really nice scent. It's great for everyday wear as it's light, but more interesting than your average 'safe scent'. It's definitely one to look out for if you're looking to add a new Spring-ish scent to your wardrobe. Wait, the bottle. How could I not cover that? The bottle is a gorgeous pinky-nude peach complimented by a lavender centre tube (what is it called? Anyone know?) and a rose gold cap. It's simple shape is as airy and elegant as the scent. What scents do you prefer for Spring? Tried this? Thoughts?
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