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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mary Kay Complexion Corrector Cream (aka CC Cream)

Mary Kay Complexion Corrector Cream  (3)

It's still Winter- I doubt you needed to be informed...- but I've already made the switch to lighter, hydrating foundations and bases. I find I much prefer something lighter for everyday so BB creams, tinted moisturizers and CC creams come in handy. The CC cream I've currently been smitten with is new for Spring 2014 and comes from none other than Mary Kay. Read on!

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Mary Kay Complexion Corrector Cream  (2)

'This spring is all about being beautiful with minimal effort and this perfect addition to your everyday beauty essentials will help you do just that. It combines everything you LOVE about tinted moisturizers and primers with amazing skin care benefits and sunscreen protection for the most advanced, effortless tinted cream yet. Four shades cover all skin tones so it’s easy to find a perfect match, and it’s suitable for all skin types.' - Mary Kay

Mary Kay Complexion Corrector Cream is exactly what I expect from a CC cream as it corrects my complexion and provides ample moisture and skin care ingredients. If you're wondering 'just what is the difference between a BB and a CC cream?' Good question! BB cream is everything in one- foundation, concealer, primer, and skincare- while a CC cream is less of a multitasker as it primarily acts as a skin tone corrector, primer, and skincare in one. Both formulas should contain SPF but sadly, it has been left out of quite a few North American formulas. Luckily, MK gave us SPF 15 to protect against UVA and UVB. A higher number would have been nice, but at least it's there.

So, the actual product- I really like it! It doesn't give a much coverage- some, but not as much as a proper BB cream does- but it evens skin tone and blurs imperfections with the most natural finish. Skin looks refreshed, even and healthy, but as the coverage is sheer, you don't look overly done. I like to wear a bit of a light foundation- like Revlon Nearly Naked- over this in areas I want a bit more coverage. It hydrates skin really well; I found it to be one of the most moisturizing tinted base I've ever used and feels amazing on skin.

This is available in four shades, designed to work with every skin tone. I am fairly pale, and have been using the shade Very Light and it works perfectly on me. I can't speak for the other shades, but I'd think that because the coverage is sheer, you have a wider window for shade matching so everyone should find something that works.

Overall, I am a fan! The light, hydrating formula is perfect alone if you just want a little complexion boost, or under light foundations for added perfection. Do you switch our your base products for the summer? CC cream, yay or nay?

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