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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NYC Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss

The siren call of lip gloss... I know I have a hard time resisting it. While I do wear much more lipstick now, lip gloss was my first true beauty love and a hard habit to break. At least with a blog you can say the 28457th tube to make it's way home with you is all in the name of research, right? Right? Anyhow, the newest glosses to land on my desk are the NYC Big Bold Plumping Lip Glosses. Read on for the 411!

'It's time to get noticed! Get voluminous lips in one effortless stroke thanks to NYC’s new BIG BOLD GLOSS. Have you always dreamed of plumped lips? This incredible lipgloss not only gives you an up to 4hours shine, but also up to 50% more volume to your lips! Its mega applicator offers a precise and comfortable application that will convert you right away.' - NYC
I'm not usually the biggest fan of plumping formulas -because, ouch!- but I do like the idea. Who can say no to a little volume boost? These apply like any other gloss, but do give a little bit of a warm feeling. It lasts for a moment and is gone, but doesn't really seem to provide any plumping action at all. It honestly doesn't bother me, but if you're looking for something to really plump, or at least feel like it's plumping, then these won't be the glosses for you.

However, if you like gloss with a shiny formula that's low on the sticky scale- these have almost no stickiness at all- then these are definitely worth a look. The tubes are shorter than your average tube, but much wider and have jumbo doe-foot applicators. They hold a lot of product- enough to do your whole mouth in one go- but you do have to be careful removing them from the tube because there is so much product there. It can be messy if you're not paying attention. The formula has no taste, but does have a fruity-perfumed scent. It's not the most appealing scent, but it does wear away quickly. 

Big City Blush is a light pink shade with shimmer. It doesn't provide much colour, but the shimmer is quite nice and works well over lipstick.

Pumped up Purple is semi-sheer, pinky-purple shade (on the verge of being Radiant Orchid) with light tonal shimmer.

Plumped Plum is a sheer, light pinky-plum with light shimmer. 

Extra Large Latte is the lone cream shade out of the shades I tried.. There is very fine shimmer detectable in the tube, but it's not readable on lips. The shade is a semi-sheer butterscotch shade, that gives lips the perfect pinky-nude look.

Supersized Red is a sheer cherry red shade with light tonal shimmer. While all of the shades are quite glossy, this shade has a squishy, almost jelly like shine.

Overall, these are great glosses if you're not looking for much (or any, really) plumping action. The sheer and semi-sheer formula is nice to have on the go, as it can be slicked on sans-mirror and is a great touch up for over fading or drying lipstick. Oh, a P.S these leave lips feeling lightly hydrated too! Can't beat that. Have you tried these? Do you have a hard time resisting new glosses too?

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