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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beyonce Heat Rush Eau de Toilette

Beyonce Heat Rush Eau de Toilette (3)

Yesterday, when I was planning what I would post today, I decided that since the weather was finally getting a bit warmer it was the perfect time to review the very Summer appropriate Beyonce Heat Rush. Of course, when I awoke this morning it was cold, rainy and grey. Boo. Of course there is the upside that after the rain comes the flowers and not far behind them are the hot, sunny days when I'll be reaching for this great little scent. Read on!

Beyonce Heat Rush Eau de Toilette (4)
Beyonce Heat Rush Eau de Toilette (1)
Beyonce Heat Rush Eau de Toilette (2)

Beyonce Heat Rush is the follow up scent to the original Heat. While I haven't experienced it myself, it is marketed as being a sexy scent best suited for night. Heat Rush was designed to work well for the day and and focuses on elegance. Now, I quite enjoy this scent- much more than I ever expected- but elegance isn't the best description, as the fruity notes make it much more fun.

With top notes of passion fruit sorbet, blood orange, and Brazilian Cherry, middle notes of yellow tiger orchid, mango blossom and orange hibiscus with base notes of teak wood, honey amber, and sunset musk the scent has an overall warm, tropical feel. When first sprayed the scent is very fruity with cherry and blood orange being most apparent to my nose. The floral middle notes don't really come through for me- you can detect a very light hint of floral for a moment, then they're gone. As mentioned the overall scent is quite fruity with a bright sweetness, but as it begins to dry down the fruity notes mellow and warmth from the teak wood and musk come trough.

Overall, I really like this scent! It reminds me of something Escada might do and is the perfect type of scent for the Summer. I don't find that this is the longest lasting scent- about 3-4 hours- but I actually love that for a Summer scent as I don't like anything too heavy. I'd much rather reapply than notice my fragrance change in the heat. What kind of scent do you like for warmer months? Tried it? Thoughts?

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