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Thursday, April 3, 2014

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol

Today I get to do something I don't do all that often- post a negative review. Well, it's not completely negative, but it sure isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I know they need to be made from time to time- negative reviews that is- but I just don't like writing them. I end up feeling kind of bad for the product. In this case I feel kind of bad for my wallet too, because it's $50 some odd dollars that could have been spent elsewhere, but what can you do, right? Anyhow, enough stalling. On to the review.

'A true beauty breakthrough! Contains 14 luxe anti-aging silk-infused eye shadows that are all matte, but can transform into pearl shades instantly with the tap of a brush! Using our proprietary pearl transforming shade included in the palette, you can take the matte shades to a soft pearl with a simple swipe!' - It Cosmetics

The It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol.1 Matte Luxe Transforming  Eyeshadow Palette may just get the award for the longest name ever, but it does match it's name as the palette is quite pretty. It's mostly cardboard, but the outer packaging is a paddd-plush fabric like material in the prettiest blush-pink hue. Although the packaging is plush and slightly squishy, it doesn't give the overall palette too much unnecessary bulk. The lid has a magnetic flap closure that closes relatively securely, but at the same time doesn't take much to open should this be in a makeup bag or luggage. The inner portion of the palette is where the luxe comes in as it's full on gold. There is a large mirror in the lid and each palette is clearly labeled. From a package/design side, this palette is pretty great.

Unfortunately, when you get to the contents things get a little iffy. No, these swatch pretty beautifully- soft, smooth feeling, great pigmentation, no tell-tale matte chalkiness. I was quite impressed, but when I started to use these on the eye they disappeared. They kicked up some powder when used with a brush, but seemed like they picked up fine otherwise. When I applied them though, there was just dust and little product transferred to my eye. A primer helps a little bit, but isn't a complete solution.

The darker shades apply well, but the majority of the light shades- the first six- all look about the same on the eye. I've found that a wet brush helps to pick up product and actually get it on the eye as it cuts the dust, but I just didn't expect to have to work so hard with these. I've been continuing to experiment with these and have found that I get the best looks when I use these over a base like Maybelline Barely Branded Colour Tattoo or MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot as the shimmer in the base gives the lighter shadow shade more dimension. I know, it's a bit ironic to use matte shadows with a shimmer base.

While on the shimmer topic- this palette isn't 100% matte as it does contain one pearlized shade that can be used to transform any of the matte shades. It is a soft beige-y white pearl with soft shimmer that works well to highlight, but I really don't love it as a transforming shade. It does give shades a bit of dimension, but it also gives a slightly chalky cast- especially when used over deeper shades.

While the lighter shades have their issues, the mid tones and deeper shades fare much better but don't work to create a complete look unless you like simpler looks with a was of colour on the lid and a defined crease. While there are a few issues with this palette overall, it's not a complete dud as these shadows can/will work nicely with other shadows. That said, part of the reason I look to palettes is the fact that they (are usually) designed to have everything you need in one spot.

As an added bonus- when you purchase the palette from QVC or The Shopping Channel- you get the It Cosmetics No Tug Heavenly Luxe Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush as a GWP. I already own a few It brushes and love them, so I was quite happy to get this. On one end you get a slightly flat yet fluffy brush that works for packing on shadow and blending while the other end has a dense, cropped brush that works well for applying shadow along lash lines. Overall, a great brush for any collection.

So, wrapping this up, I'm not a huge fan of this palette. It's not unusable by any means, but it's not without it's faults. While I've tried other It Cosmetics products, and am a fan of the brand as a whole, this is my first experience with their eyeshadows. Id be interested to see how there other shadow offerings fare. Are you a fan of all matte palettes? Tried this? Thoughts?

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