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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yves Rocher | Earth Day- Plant for the Planet

Earth Day Yves Rocher

In case you didn't know, today, April 22nd, is Earth Day. To celebrate, Yves Rocher is plating one tree for every product purchased today whether it be an in-store purchase, phone, or online order. Since 2011 Yves Rocher has been able to plant 500, 000 trees through this initiative in addition to their Plant for the Planet Foundation that has planted 30 million trees worldwide since 2007, which plan on planting 50 million by 2015. That's a whole lot of trees. If you'd like to help them with their planting, but need a little help filling your basket, I've selected a few of my top Yves Rocher picks after the jump. Read on!

Yves Rocher- a few of my favourite things

Yves Rocher Sublime Skin BB Cream is one of my favourite BB creams- and that's including traditional Asian formuals! It's light feeling on skin, hydrates, and evens skin tone. Good stuff all around. See my full review here.

For those who can't stand sticky gloss, you need to try Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Lip Gloss. It's got a super light texture that gives a lot of shine without a hint of stickiness. The shades are all sheer, but give a wash of colour and wear well over lipstick.

Rethink vanilla with Yves Rocher Vanille Noir Eau de Parfum- It's warm and comforting with woody notes but also hint of sweetness. One of my all time favourite scents guaranteed to send compliments your way. Full review here.

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar is a raspberry scented vinegar that you use as a final rinse on your hair to boost shine and give your hair some added oomph and a delightful raspberry scent. I like to use on weekends after clarifying shampoo to prep my hair for the week.

I love masks, and will put a mask any and everywhere, which is one reason why I love Yves Rocher Moroccan Clay Mask- it's for both your hair and your face! It's a thick clay mask formulated with organic argan oil that leaves your skin and hair renewed and hydrated. You've got to love a double duty product!

If you're still dealing with winter dryness- or are always a little parched- Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Moisture Boost Serum should be on your list. It's a light, milky serum that works to immediately hydrate skin. When used in combination with my moisturizer I can zap a dry patch in as little as a day or two. Continuing with another goodie from the Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal family is their Hydrating Micellar Water for Face and Eyes. I use this after a cleansing butter to remove any last traces of makeup from my face and get the last drags of mascara and eyeliner from my eyes and it works amazingly well. Buy a few bottles. Full review of both products here.

I should add, this post is NOT sponsored. I just figured it was the perfect time to share some of my favourites from the brand. Will you be picking anything up? What are your Yves Rocher faves- do tell!

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