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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yves Rocher White Botanical Skincare Collection

Yves Rocher White Botanical skincare range

Today has been one dull, grey day, and it's given me a little case of the 'blahs'. But, you know what isn't dull and blah? My skin, thanks to the Yves Rocher White Botanical skincare range- see what I did there? It's true though- this range is perfect for anyone seeking a brighter complexion. Formulated with White Licorice Powder to brighten and reduce dark spots, and White Lupin Extract for it's anti-aging properties the line includes Exceptional Youth Essence, Dark Spot Corrector, Eye Contour and Night Cream. 

Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Youth Essence

Yves Rocher Moisture Boost Concentrate has been my go to serum for some time, but I think it might have to take a back seat to the White Botanical Exceptional Youth Essence. Housed in a glass bottle with pump (love the pump!) this is a light, gel-cream texture that quickly absorbs into skin- which I love because no one wants to have to wait around on their serum before bed. Anyway, I've mentioned in the past I don't always find serums are the type of product I can really rate their efficacy, but since using this in combination with the night cream my skin not only feels smoother, it looks brighter and is more dewy and even in the mornings.

Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Youth Eye Cream and Dark Spot Corrector

While the addition of a dark spot corrector in a range that claims to brighten might seem just a touch redundant, I happen to appreciate at it as every blemish tends to make it's mark on my skin. The Exceptional Youth Dark Spot Corrector is housed in a long slim tube with an angled plastic applicator for precise application. Of course, you could always just squeeze the product directly onto your fingers to apply if you want an all over treatment. This spot corrector makes claims to not only reduce spots but also to help skin appear smoother and more refined, which is actually what I've loved most about it. While it has worked to reduce the severity of spots, it hasn't completely removed them- I think a longer period of use is necessary. It has however left my skin feeling amazingly smooth.

Housed in the same style tube, but with a long precision tip, is the Exceptional Youth Eye Contour. First off, I love an eye cream in a tube, so this gets automatic points there. The eye cream itself is light in texture and has the slightest bit of light diffusing shimmer within it. The cream absorbs quickly and hydrates well. I can't say it's done much else other than hydrate though as my eyes don't seem brighter and I don't have much in the way of wrinkles. A good eye cream, but nothing super exciting.

Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Youth Cream- Night

Last but not least we have the Exceptional Youth Night Cream. Housed in a weighty glass pot with one side cut off - the best way to describe the flat edge- this night cream is quite interesting. The texture isn't incredibly thick or heavy, but is a gel-cream that feels lighter than your average night cream. This feels great when applied, and seems to absorb well, but at the same time you can feel some of the product on the surface of skin. Because of this it's best to apply this right before bed, as it can roll and peel if you're touching your face. That said, this does wondrous things for my skin and leaves it looking brighter, dewy and more even in the morning.

Overall, I really enjoy this range. Many products claim brightening and spot reducing effects but end up having lackluster results, so I was quite pleased that I not only found this range did deliver, but it also didn't take moths of use to get there. The range is available now from Yves Rocher and is currently 45% off, making the perfect time to try it for yourself. Do look for brightening and dark spot correcting formulas? Thoughts?

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