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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fresh New Lush for Summer 2014

new summer lush (1)

Aww yeah! New goodies from Lush to see you through the Summer. Six new products have been added to the Lush catalog to be exact- ooh, have you seen the new Lush catalog? Its amazing! Anyway, today I have two fruity products in the form of D'Fluff Shaving Soap and Magnificent Soap. Read on!

new summer lush- d'fluff shaving soap (3)
new summer lush- d'fluff shaving soap (4)

Of course Summer would be the season to roll out a new shaving product- you know, since no one wants to be all furry when baring it all. D'Fluff is a creamy, strawberry scented shaving soap that does triple duty. Yup, triple! It works as a shaving cream, a cleanser and a moisturizer. The creamy, whipped texture allows your razor to glide over skin with ease and leaves skin feeling super smooth and hydrated thanks to the coconut oil, rose hip oil, and cocoa butter it's formulated with. It's not best for times when you need to get your shave on quickly though, as it does tend to get clogged up in the razor.

new summer lush- magnificent soap (2)

What's better than a fresh slice of Lush soap? Make it a slice of the juicy new mango-rific Magnificent Soap and not much. Fruity fans will definitely love this soap as it's a blend of lemon, mandarin and neroli oil with fresh mango puree and dried mango slices which tone and gently exfoliate skin. The scent is simply amazing as it's fruity and fresh but not too sweet. Love it!

Overall, you really can't go wrong with either of these new additions. Also new to Lush this season- African Paradise Shower Smoothie, Zeste Hair Gel, Parsley Porridge Soap, and Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb. Tried any of the new products? Have a favourite Lush product?

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