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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Avon Nail Art Design Strips- Summer 2014

avon nail art design strips summer 2014 (5)

Nail strip fans- well, specifically fans of Avon Nail Art Design Strips- have something to be excited about... New designs to see you through Summer! There are four new designs, and I have three, including Floral Fever, Daydream and Sun Worshiper. Read on!

avon nail art design strips summer 2014 - floral fever

I've reviewed Avon Nail Art Design Strips a few times, but just in case you missed them I'll do a quick overview- They're sicker like appliques for your nails. Too quick? They're simply applied to clean, bare nails followed by a little filing to remove excess. I find they apply pretty well, but some designs can prove to be a little bit more finicky in terms of getting the strips to lay completely flat on the nail.

Of the four new Summer designs, Floral Fever is, well, the floral option, consisting of pink, red and purple flowers on a white background with minty leaves. The purple portions of the flowers also contain glitter for a little added sparkle.

avon nail art design strips summer 2014 - daydream

Daydream features a dreamy blend of sherbet hues watercolour style with sugary iridescent shimmer over top. Super cute and pretty much as Summery as you can get- I might have bought multiples of these... maybe.

avon nail art design strips summer 2014 - sun worshipper  (1)
avon nail art design strips summer 2014 - sun worshipper  (2)

Sun Worshiper features a fish-scale type dotticure in mint, turquoise, pale pink, silver and glittery yellow. I found this design applied very well on pretty much all fingers, but did end up with a little bit of wrinkling on both of my thumbs. I like to seal the tips of the strips with topcoat to prolong wear- I usually get about four days of wear before I experience lifting and chipping.

Overall, I love the Summer designs- especially Daydream. How about you- like any of the new patterns?

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