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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish x Rita Ora Capsule Collection

rimmel 60 second nail polish x rita ora  (1)

Is Rita Ora really that popular? Maybe I should crawl out from under my rock a little more often, because I really didn't know she was... Regardless Rimmel seems to be pretty fond of her as she's partnered with them to create the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish x Rita Ora Capsule Collection. I have three of the six shades, so read on for swatches!

rimmel 60 second nail polish x rita ora  (3)

'Get ready to get HIGH ON COLOUR and PUMP up the volume on your nails with the new 60 Seconds Nail Polish. Six show-stopping shades divided into 3 hot (Don't be Shy, Do Not Disturb, and Midnight Rondezvous) and 3 cool (White Hot Love, Lose Your Lingerie, and Breakfast in Bed) shades depending on your colour mood! With our one-coat application and quick dry formula, these six shades are new to the 60 Seconds range and not only have they been created by Rita Ora, she named them too!' - Rimmel

So, the 60 Seconds Nails Polish formula is meant to apply in one coat... Humm. I didn't have the best time with the two lightest shades- White Hot Love and Lose Your Lingerie. I'll get into specifics in a moment, but I found the polish to be very thick and hard to work with in combination with a rather rough brush. Rough both in texture and cut (ie. stray hairs flying out in every direction) and caused issues with the thick polish. Hopefully, the issues I had are just a one off thing and not how the whole range fares.

I do have to say I am very (maybe too much?) impressed that the little Ritas on the bottle caps have nails that match the shade of the polish. It's the little things, you know?

rimmel 60 second nail polish x rita ora- white hot love

White Hot Love is a white shade with a very fine iridescent pearl finish. The pearl is almost undetectable, so this is essentially a white cream. While the shade is pretty, and does make pale skin look more tan, it's not the most unique. The formula is very thick and prone to applying unevenly. The brush doesn't work well with the formula as it is rough and causes streaks and dragging. Three coats shown.

rimmel 60 second nail polish x rita ora- lose your lingerie

Lose Your Lingerie is a pale pink with the same fine iridescent pearl finish as White Hot Love. The pearl is more apparent in LYL, but still quite fine. While the formula wasn't perfect (it suffered most of the same issues WHL did) it did apply a bit better and only needed two coats.

rimmel 60 second nail polish x rita ora- do not disturb

Do Not Disturb is a green based teal cream. My photos don't do it justice as my camera threw a hissy and doesn't pick up the green tones. In person, the shade is much more vivid and green toned. The formual was perfection and as claimed only needed one coat. This shade does stain- a lot- so be sure to use a good base coat and be careful when removing or you'll end up with green fingers.

Overall, an okay collection, but two of the three shades just don't perform as described. It seems like your best bet are the 'hot' shades- Do Not Disturb, Don't Be Shy (fuschia) and Midnight Rondezvous ( bluey-purple)- as I had the best luck with Do Not Disturb. What do you think of this collection- are you a fan of Rita Ora? Tried these?

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