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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lise Watier Collection Alex

Lise Watier Alex Collection

Get ready for a serious case of 'the wants-ies' because this collection is seriously covet-able. I mean, I see new makeup I want all.the.time, that is nothing new, but every now and then something comes along that is even better and strikes an even higher level of want. You know? The limited edition, web exclusive Lise Watier Collection Alex is a gorgeous collection of super wearable shades, designed by Beauty Youtuber Alex Larouche of Alex Beauty Fashion. Oh, and the cherry on top- it's housed in chevron clad rose gold. Perfection? Pretty much! Read on for a closer look.

Lise Watier Alex Collection (3)

Lise Watier Alex Collection- Alex Rouge Fondant Supreme  (1)
Lise Watier Alex Collection- Alex Rouge Fondant Supreme  (2)

Lise Watier Rouge Fondant Supreme is an often raved about formula, and this shade doesn't disappoint. The Rouge Fondant Supreme formula is that of a buttery smooth balm with a creamy texture and transparent colour that can be layered for more or less intensity. The lipstick offers some shine and a light, natural scent that seems to me, to be apricot. The shade Alex is a your lips but better, pinky-nude that will suit pretty much every skin tone.

Lise Watier Alex Collection- Alex Blush & Glow Duo

Lise Watier Alex Collection Swatches

Love blush? Love highlighter? Okay, who doesn't? Lise Watier Alex Blush & Glow Duo is the perfect combo of the two in one compact. On the left side, you have a gorgeous rose gold highlight that gives skin a subtle glow, while on the right side, you have a nude-bronze blush that gives cheeks a natural flush. In the product info, they call the blush matte, but it's more like a satin to me, as it's got a slight sheen and doesn't read as flat as a matte. Regardless, it is beautiful on cheeks and pairs nicely with the highlight.

I am tempted to call the Lise Watier Alex Quatour Eyeshadow Quartet the star of the show, but really, I love the whole collection too much to pick a favourite. The shadows however are simply gorgeous, both in shade and formula. These look like your average powder shadows in the palette, but once you swipe one, you realize they're something special. These are super creamy, soft, buttery shadows that have intense pigmentation in one pass- oh yeah, what you see above is ONE PASS! The shades include a white gold, peachy-rose, plum, and a tawny taupe that combine to create a really wearable, feminine look.

Overall, I'm a complete fan of this collection! Now is where I'd say which item is the must have, but honestly, you're going to want them all. If you do happen to pick up the entire collection, you'll also get a cute lipstick and chevron clad iPhone case designed by Alex herself. As mentioned, the Collection Alex is limited edition and a web exclusive. What do you think of the collection? Need anything?

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