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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mary Kay Little Gifts Hand Cream & Lip Balm

mary kay little gifts hand cream and lip balm (1)

Did you know there is only *checks calendar* 55 days until Christmas?! Panic! You know, it actually feels like it should be closer somehow. Anyway, it's coming. For those who need a little help in the idea department Mary Kay has you covered. This year they've introduced limited edition Little Gifts of hand cream and lip balm as little, inexpensive gifts perfect for friends, family and anyone special on your list. Read on for a closer look!

mary kay little gifts hand cream and lip balm (2)
Mary Kay Little Gifts Hand Cream- Vanilla Mint* and Vanilla Berry* 88ml $10 USD / $13 CAD

Mary Kay Little Gifts Hand Creams have the classic Satin Hands formula but have been amped up with the addition of two festive scents- Vanilla Berry and Vanilla Mint. The hand cream is pretty much perfection as it offers a good dose of hydration without being greasy or heavy. The scents are light, but quite nice and an only last for a few minutes after use.

mary kay little gifts hand cream and lip balm (1)
 Mary Kay Little Gifts Lip Balm Set*- Vanilla Berry,Vanilla Mint, and Vanilla 8g $16 USD / $20 CAD

Who can ever resist a lip balm, especially in the cold weather? Mary Kay Little Gifts Lip Balm Set features three limited edition balms in Vanilla Berry, Vanilla Mint and Vanilla. The formula is Mary Kay's Satin Lips balm, which is a petroleum based balm that feels quite thick in the tube but warms on lips and is really comfortable on. The balm hydrates dry lips well and protects from further damage. The scents are quite nice- who doesn't love vanilla?- and are really natural smelling with just a hint of flavour.

Overall, these are great little products! They're great as gifts or stocking stuffers and are perfect to have on hand for gift giving emergencies- they do happen. What do you think? Would you give these or like to get them?

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