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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Clinique A Black Honey Affair All About Shadow Palette

clinique a black honey affair palette (1)

Happy belated Haloween! Can Halloween even be belated? Well, that's how I'm serving it up, because yesterday's post didn't end up happening. If you need something sweet that isn't in the form of actual sugar, then the product at hand might just be for you- the glorious Clinique A Black Honey Affair All About Shadow Palette! Read on for a closer look.

clinique a black honey affair palette (1)
clinique a black honey affair palette (3)
clinique a black honey affair palette (2)

I think it's safe to say that most everyone knows of the classic Clinique Black Honey in it's various forms. While it's been around for some time- did you know it was first introduced in 1971?- it's definitely been having a moment the past while. The shade is the inspiration behind this perfect palette that features eight shades including Black Honey itself. I won't deny that I was really just going to for the Black Honey shade when this ended up in my cart, but after using the other shades as well, I have to say this is a winner all around.

The first half of the palette reads as a straight up neutrals, but when you get to the last few shades you get a pop of colour with the addition of three purple-y shades. Having not used a Clinique shadow for some time, I wasn't sure what to expect from the formula, but there is nothing to worry with these. Every shade is beautifully pigmented and buttery smooth. These apply and blend with ease and wear well for a full day over primer. 

clinique a black honey affair palette (4)
clinique a black honey affair palette swatches  (2)

The first half of the palette is neutral territory featuring:

Sugar Cane is a shimmery, snow white. This shade can be pretty intense, so a light hand is best when using it for a highlight.

Hazy is a taupe shade with a coppery-red undertone. I don't think I've ever come across a taupe quite like this. A great shade for all of the taupe lovers.

Black Honey is a burgundy-brown satin. The shade is one of those shades that works on the lid all by it's lonesome as it's stunning and works on pretty much every skin-tone, but also because it has dimension and looks like you put much more effort into your look.

Lucky Penny is a coppery-champagne shimmer. It's not a shade I initially thought I'd love, but it's become one of the first shades I reach for.

clinique a black honey affair palette (5)
clinique a black honey affair palette swatches  (1)

While the second half brings the colour, one last neutral sneaks into play.

Dark Brown (from the Morning Java Quad) might not have it's own name, I do appreciate that Clinique hasn't tried to push this out as a new shade. The shade is a chocolate brown satin with red shimmer. This shade is the perfect pairing for Black Honey.

Purple Pumps is a radiant orchid type purple matte. I wasn't sure about how well this shade would tie in with the rest of the palette, but it does work quite nicely with most of the neutrals.

Lavender Out Loud is a pale, blue toned lilac matte. The two purple shades are the lone mattes of this palette, but both perform exceptionally well.

Graphite is a deep, blue based charcoal with light blue shimmer.

clinique a black honey affair palette (8)

Overall, I really love this palette! I on top of the actual shadows- which are pretty much perfect- the palette includes an applicator that, wait for it... You can actually use! This comes with a dual sided applicator that is home to a sponge on one end and a crease type brush on the other. While I'm not going to reach for it when I have my usual brushes on hand, the brush included actually works pretty nicely with the shadows. Are you a fan of the Black Honey shade? Have you used it in shadow form? Thoughts?

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