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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gwen Stafani for OPI Holiday 2014 | Unfrost My Heart Trio

opi unfrost my heart trio (1)

Holiday polish! I love polish any time of year, but I do look forward to seeing what is new around the holidays. Gwen is back in partnership with OPI for their aptly named Gwen Stefani for OPI Collection, which includes a pretty large main collection and gift sets. I have the Unfrost My Heart Trio, which features a silver foil and two glitters. Read on for swatches!

opi unfrost my heart trio (4)

opi unfrost my heart trio- unfrost my heart

Unfrost My Heart is a sparkly, silver foil. I love foils from OPI- the formula is always perfect- and UMH doesn't disappoint. While the shade isn't the most unique, it's an easy two coat polish.

opi unfrost my heart trio- silver comparison
OPI silver comparison- Unfrost My Heart*, This Gown Needs a Crown*, Haven't the Foggiest, and It's Frosty Outside*

As mentioned, Unfrost My Heart isn't the most unique shade out there, especially since OPI has a pretty big range of silvers. Out of my collection, I don't have any full on dupes, however, My Signature is DC (from the Coke collection) is pretty much the same. TGNaC is less foiled looking as it has more glitter (along with a satin finish), HTF is darker, but the same type of foil finish, while IFO has larger glitter within and a textured finish. 

opi unfrost my heart trio- so elegant (1)
opi unfrost my heart trio- so elegant (2)

So Elegant is made up of small black hexes and round glitter, and large gunmetal-blue hexagonal glitter in a clear base. I didn't think I loved this when I saw it in the bottle, but the large glitter sits really nicely (aka flat) on the nail and I actually quite like it. Also, the large pieces stick to the brush with ease, meaning you don't have to fish to get them out or fight to get them on the nail.

opi unfrost my heart trio- I'll tinsel you in (1)
opi unfrost my heart trio- I'll tinsel you in (2)

I'll Tinsel You In is made up of various black and white glitter with large white squares in a clear base. Again, wasn't sure about this in the bottle- I'm never quite sure bout bar glitter- but I really liked the effect on the nail. I found I had fish out the squares, even thought there are a lot of them in the mix, but once on they lay nicely and add something unique to the overall look.

Overall, there are some fun glitters in this set. The silver is perfect, but major polish fans likely have something similar in their collections already. For swatches of the full collection, I highly suggest checking out Valesha's (of Peachy Polish) swatches and comparison posts- they're amazing! What do you think of this set? See any shades you need?

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