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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler

kiss insta wave automatic curler (2)

I like to think I have some decent skills in quite a few areas, most days, but one area wherein I have never excelled is hair. I just don't have the hand-hair-eye co-ordination that is required to do much more than a pony tail. Not going to lie, I can mess them up too... Given my spectacular skills I still like to try and branch out, it just has to be easy. Like, super easy. What could be easier than a curler that grabs and twists hair automatically? Actually, that does sound a little scary, but the Kiss InstaWave is easy, and totally not scary. Honestly, if I can do, anyone can. Read on!

kiss insta wave automatic curler (2)
kiss insta wave automatic curler (3)
kiss insta wave automatic curler (5)

So, exactly what is the Kiss InstaWave? It's a clip-less curling wand that is fully automatic, with a  tangle-free design that instantly creates beautiful curls. What makes it more unique than your average curling wand, is the curl dial that grabs hair and spins- left or right depending on what direction you choose- to automatically curl hair. I have hair that tangles pretty easily, so the idea of putting a piece of my hair into a hot, spinning tool was a bit scary, but I didn't have a single issue with hair getting caught in the mechanism.

The mechanism takes the end of the hair, you press either the left or right direction button until the hair is around the wand, wait 5-10 seconds (depending on how tight a curl you want) and then you simply pull the wand straight down. That's it! The fact that this is automatic means you don't have to worry about wrapping hair on the wand, which makes this so much safer- it's really quite hard to burn yourself. Speaking of heat, the wand has two heat settings- low and high- with the highest setting reaching a maximum temperature of 420. The wand also has an automatic shutoff that kicks in after 90 minutes should you forget to turn it off. Safety first, you know.

kiss insta wave automatic curler- before
kiss insta wave automatic curler in hair
kiss insta wave automatic curler- after
Before Kiss InstaWave | In action | After 

My hair naturally has a bit of wave throughout, and is a but curlier at the ends, but has mind of it's own and is inconsistent. I often end up with a bit of nice body and wave on one side, and straight hair on the other. With the InstaWave I can add any kind of curl I want- wavy and loose, or tight and bouncy. For the photos above, I went with a tighter curl by using the high heat setting and left my hair on the wand for 10 seconds. By opting for tighter curls, I can go a few days without having to re-do anything as the curls soften on day two and on day three I have beachy waves. Who doesn't love less work for more payoff?

Overall, I am quite happy with this curler. It's lightweight in hand and is easy to use. The only learning curve I experienced, was getting the curl closer to the scalp, but after a few uses I've figured out how to position the wand for a higher curl. I love that I don't have to use my hands to wrap my hair on the wand as that's usually were one ends up getting burned. As mentioned, it's pretty hard to burn yourself with this since it does most of the work for you. I find I can curl my whole head in about 20 minutes- and I'm pretty picky about getting everything curled- which I think is amazing. I've spent longer than that just trying to decide what to do with my bangs. What do you think, is this a gadget you'd try?

*Product provided by Brandbacker for review purposes

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