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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Body Shop Glazed Apple for Holiday 2014

the body shop glaze apple (2)

The holidays are a time for traditions and one that always aims to please are the limited edition scents and products from The Body Shop. This year they've created not one, but three- Vanilla Brulee, Frosted Cranberry, and Glazed Apple. The three scents come in a pretty large variety of products including the classics, like body butter and shower gel, but also a new addition with their Bath Jelly. Read on for a rundown on the Glazed Apple offerings...

the body shop glaze apple bath jelly  (2)
the body shop glaze apple bath jelly  (1)
the body shop glaze apple body butter
the body shop glaze apple shower gel and shimmer lotion

Since honesty is the best policy, I come right out and say that I really wasn't looking forward to this scent when I read the press info. I am one of the odd few who doesn't love green apple scented products (totally not a fan of green apple Jolly Ranchers either.) Buuut, since actually sniffing the real deal, I can say the scent's not too bad! Really though, how often does a Body Shop product not smell good? The Glazed Apple scent differs a little bit from product to product- with it being stronger in the shower products- but is otherwise a sweet, fresh, apple scent that's definitely got a candy thing going, but does have a bit of green apple kick.

The most interesting product is the Bath Jelly which of course, has the Glaze Apple scent (available in the other holiday scents too) and creates a tub full of soft, fluffy bubbles. I was really intrigued by the texture of the jelly as it looks like you should be able to pour it, but it really is a jelly, which you scoop into. The jelly has a solid yet liquid texture that morphs back into place making it look nothing was ever taken from the pot. I didn't find that the bubbles lasted very long but the scent really stuck around and made for a nice experience overall. While body butter is always a popular hydration option, the Shimmer Lotion is a festive way to moisturize as it gives skin a light wash of fine silver shimmer and a light dose of Glaze Apple scent. Being pale, and a non-tanner, I find a little shimmer can give skin that little bit of a radiance boost and this does so perfectly.

Overall, I actually like the scent! I think it's one worth sniffing even if you don't think it's for you. The range includes a ton of Body Shop formulas- hand cream, body polish, lip gloss soap... you get the idea, so there is something for everyone. Tried this scent or any of the others? Want to? Which product is your fave from The Body Shop?

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