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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Avon Skin So Soft Signature Silk Perfecting Oil

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You might not need to be told, but it's winter. If winter was to be summed up in one word, I'd say dry. Straight up d-r-y from eyebrows to toes; I swear every bit of skin gets dry at the mere mention of cold weather. It's the same thing every year, but the dryness creeps before you know it you feel like you're composed of sandpaper. Something I've recently come to love is Avon Skin So Soft Signature Silk Perfecting Oil as it's a great solution for skin that craves moisture. Read on!

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avon skin so soft signature silk perfecting oil (1)

Avon's Skin So Soft range is a brand classic- the original Skin So Soft Bath Oil has been around since 1961! Since then, quite a few new products have entered the range, including Signature Silk Perfecting Oil. Formulated with argan oil, it's a light, dry-feeling oil that gives dry winter skin a much needed boost of hydration.

While not all body oils are created equally, this is an excellent that absorbs into skin with ease and leaves nothing but soft, supple skin and a soft gardenia and exotic woods scent. I'm quite choosy when it comes to floral scents, but the blend of gardenia and the woody, slightly musky notes, creates a really nice scent that lingers on skin. I love how well this absorbs into skin as it does so cleanly and doesn't leave any sort of film or require any waiting for it to full sink in.

Overall, this is a great little product! I'd love it even more if the bottle had a stopper/dispenser in the mouth of the bottle, but the fact that it adds so much moisture, and does it quickly, makes it a total winner. I've been using this every were (as I'm currently dry just about every where) but it's especially nice on areas that are prone to being extra dry, like elbows, knees, and feet, as it gives instant moisture. Tried it or any other products from the Skin So Soft range? What's your go to product for dry skin?

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