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Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Day with Arbonne

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January is coming to a close, so you know what that means... Actually, maybe you don't- Valentine's Day is lurking. The day can be rather polarizing, but I say your best Valentine is yourself should you be lacking one. Who love you more than you? That said, if you're needing a little gift inspiration to pass on to a significant other, or want to treat yourself to a little something, look no further than Arbonne.

arbonne valentines day 2015- fit chews  (2)
arbonne valentines day 2015- fit chews  (1)

Obviously, it's necessary to give the sweet tooth a little scratch, but maybe you're looking for something a little healthier- you can always binge on clearance candy on the 15th if need be (I won't tell). Arbonne Fit Chews have been released in a cute limited edition Valentine's box perfect for gifting. What are Fit Chews, exactly? Good question. They're little chews- you get chocolate and caramel in the box- that are formulated to help control cravings and keep energy levels sustained. They contain rhodiola root extract that temporarily relieves mental fatigue and stress. They're pretty tasty too- the chocolate ones taste like Tootsie Rolls! Oh, and they're vegan and gluten free too.

arbonne lipstick- strawberry  (3)
arbonne lipstick- strawberry  (2)
arbonne lipstick- strawberry  (1)
arbonne lipstick- strawberry  (4)

Now that our sweet tooth is happy, how about something that lands a little closer to the heart? Makeup! More specifically lipstick. There really isn't a shade more appropriate for Valentine's Day than Arbonne Lipstick in Strawberry, a classic blue based red. The lipstick has a super creamy, opaque and glossy finish that wears really comfortably on lips. The formula isn't the least bit drying, I'd actually say it feels like it hydrates. Never a bad thing.

Will you be treating yourself or a loved one to anything special for Valentine's Day? Tried either of these? 

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