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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Your Best Skin with Philosophy

your best skin with philosophy  (4)

Philosophy, why you gotta go around changing the names of things? While putting this post together I've realized Philosophy has changed their Micro Exfoliating range to the Microdelivery. Of course all of my bottles have the older name... Oh well, the contents are that same and they still do amazing things for your skin- especially if you're prone to dull, lifeless skin in need of some brightening. Read on and see how Philosophy can get you your best skin (ever!?)

philosophy micro exfoliating wash

Every skincare routine needs a cleanser, and Philosophy The Microdelivery Wash is just that- but more. It looks like your basic gel cleanser, but it's formulated to act as both a cleanser and a mini peel. The gel like formula contains micro exfoliating particles- they feel almost like fine salt- along with antioxidants which exfoliate and condition skin.

I quite like that this can be used daily, as the exfoliation is gentle, but effective, as it leaves skin feeling smoother and perfectly cleansed without feeling tight. It's an especially great option for sensitive skin as it is so mild and has no scent or or sulfates. One complaint is the bottle. The plastic is too hard to get a good squeeze, which is necessary to get the product out. A small thing, but still... You know?

philosophy micro exfoliating triple acid brightening peel (2)
philosophy micro exfoliating triple acid brightening peel (1)

Mild, daily exfoliation is great, but sometimes you've got to get a little bit deeper. Philosophy The Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel does just that. The peel couldn't be easier to use, as it comes on pre-saturated pads that you simply wipe over your cleansed skin. The solution is formulated with mandelic, phytic, and azelaic acids that work to dissolve dead skin and improve tone, blur the look of fine lines and enhance skin clarity. The solution also works to brighten skin and reduce discolouration and dark spots.

I found it took a few uses before I saw real results, but after two or three I found my skin did seem brighter and the overall texture was improved. I can't say I've seen much in the way of reduced dark spots, but it's something that can be hard to tell when you're only using something once weekly. I quite like that these are individually wrapped, are large (and in charge) while containing a lot of solution- which can also be used on hands after you've applied it to your face. The glaring downside with these is the price, as these are certainly not a cheap thrill.

philosophy micro exfoliating treatment (1)
philosophy micro exfoliating treatment (2)

If you're willing to do a little bit more than swipe and go, then the Philosophy Resurface Microdelivery Treatment is the best bet. While the pads are okay, this treatment is amazing. It's a two step exfoliating treatment that combines crystals formulated with vitamin C and peptides which are activated by a lactic/salicylic acid activating gel. To use, you gently massage the crystals (which have a fresh orange scent) onto skin then apply the activator over top. The activator then gets massaged on skin where it warms and transforms into a foam. You leave it on for another minute and then rinse, which is when the magic really happens as your skin is left resurfaced and glowing. G-L-O-W-I-N-G. This seriously does fabulous things for dull skin as skin not only feels smoother but it looks brighter, healthier and more radiant, it even makes my large pores less visible, which is always welcomed.

philosophy hope in a jar night moisturizer

We've covered cleanser, peels, and treatments, so it's only fitting to end with moisture. Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night is a rich, creamy, night cream that gives skin a lot of hydration, but also works to retexturize skin. The formula contains a patented blend that includes gradual-release (to minimize potential irritation) glycolic acid to renew skin overnight, plump skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and even even skin-tone. Huh, that's a lot of evens...

First and foremost, this is an incredible moisturizer, as it gives skin a ton of moisture. The creamy, thick texture takes a moment to sink into skin, but when it does, skin feels instantly hydrated. In the morning, skin feels super smooth and looks radiant and happy- yup, happy. With continued use, I've found that my skin does feel incredibly soft and smooth, but also more radiant and fresh looking- even when I've gotten less than my optimal eight hours.

Overall, some great skincare options! I truly love the Resurface Treatment, as does so much for my all-too-often dull skin, but Hope in a Jar Night is a close second. Philosophy just knows their way around exfoliating products. Tried any of these? What are your favourite exfoliating products?

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