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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Essence Like an Unforgettable Kiss Collection

essence like an unforgettable kiss collection

I find it pretty hard to resist stopping by any Essence display because they tend to be so adorable. I haven't seen the new Like an Unforgettable Kiss collection display, but based on how cute the products are, I'm going to say it's likely impossible not stop at. I have most of the collection here to show you- just in time for Valentine's Day- but I am missing the eyeshadows, blushes (which are heart shaped) and the blush brush (also adorned with a heart!) Read on for a major dose of cute!

essence like an unforgettable kiss eau de toilette (2)

I love a new scent, and the Essence Like an Unforgettable Kiss eau de Toilette a nice little pick me up. It's a bright, fruity scent for the most part- pink grapefruit, mango, and tangerine- but has a smoother floral dry down- lily of the valley, raspberry, sandalwood and vanilla. There is a fair bit of alcohol but it does dissipate well and leaves a nice scent- if not the longest lasting.

essence like an unforgettable kiss lip smoother (1)

Lip scrub + lip gloss = Essence Like an Unforgettable Kiss Lip Smoother in Keep Calm and Kiss Me. I was a little bit confused by this at first, but what it is is a lip gloss with a little bit sugary grit (which I think is just actual sugar.) You simply apply a little to lips, massage it around and go. There isn't much grit in the gloss, which makes it wearable, but at the same time means there are times when you apply it and get no grit. The colour is mostly clear, but it does have a bit of a silvery shimmer and a candy-like scent. The formula is just barely sticky and lasts really well on lips. 

essence like an unforgettble kiss lipsticks

essence like an unforgettable kiss lips

essence lipstick- 01 nothing but love stoned

essence lipstick- 02 pink me

essence lipstick- 03 keep calm and kiss me

If you're looking for opaque, high coverage lipsticks, then the Essence Like an Unforgettable Kiss Lipsticks aren't for you, but if you're looking for a great tinted balmy-gloss then get excited. While these don't have a lipstick texture (like, at all) they do give lips a nice wash of sheer colour, shine and hydration. They have no scent or taste, btw.

Nothing But Love Stoned a pale, milky peach, is the sheerest of the bunch but is pretty and actually quite similar to the new Coral Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector Balm. Pink Me is a vivid cherry popsicle type fuchsia while Keep Calm and Kiss Me is a vivid cherry-red.

essence like an unforgettable kiss nail polish

essence nail polish- 01 nothing but love stoned

essence nail polish- 02 always on my mint

essence nail polish- 03 you let my heart skip a beat

essence nail polish- 04 pink me

I've saved my favourite part of the collection for last- the polishes! Essence Like an Unforgettable Kiss Nail Polish may be super inexpensive, but they have a fantabulous formula- for serious! They're perfectly pigmented, creamy-smooth, and apply like a dream. None of the shades needed more than two coats, and if you can believe it, one was pretty much a one coater.

Nothing But Love Stoned is a milky peach with an almost crelly (cream + jelly) like texture that is a bit squishy looking and very shiny. Always on my Mint was the most impressive shade as the pale whitened mint shade looked like it might apply on the patchy/streaky side, but it was another winner- two easy coats! You Let My Heart Skip a Beat is the almost one coat wonder- this is an incredibly pigmented medium purple. There is something about this shade that makes me think of Easter and/or jelly beans. Not sure why... Last but not least, Pink Me, a vivid, medium red toned pink.

Overall, this is a great little collection! I highly recommend checking out the polishes, because hey, they're only $3 AND are impeccable. Have you seen this collection? Tried anything? Want to? 

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