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Monday, February 23, 2015

Lip Lovin' with The Body Shop, Burt's Bees & Rimmel

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Who doesn't love a little lip colour? It can perk you up, tone you down and some cases can be almost life changing. If you've yet to have a life changing lip colour experience, you aren't buying enough lipstick. Today's post is made for Lip Lovin' ladies with a little bit of everything from The Body Shop, Burt's Bees, and Rimmel. Read on!

the-body-shop-velvet-lip-&-cheek- stick-40-poppy-rouge (2)
the-body-shop-velvet-lip-&-cheek- stick-40-poppy-rouge (1)

The Body Shop Velvet Lip & Cheek Stick is a chubby little pencil that- as the named suggests- can be used for both the lips and cheeks. The pencils twist up, are formulated with fair trade beeswax from Cameroon, and offer a medium, soft-matte coverage. I have the shade Poppy Rouge, which is a vivid, cherry red. I wasn't so sure about this shade on my cheeks- I've never been much of a red blush fan- but this gives a really fresh, natural glow that it quite pretty. I applied it directly over my foundation (before powder) and it blended really well into skin and can be layered depending how much flush you're after. On lips, these give a nice level of colour that is quite opaque, feel light on, but can be a little bit drying after a few hours.

burts-bees-lip-crayon- niagra-overlook-redwood-forest (3)
burts-bees-lip-crayon- niagra-overlook-redwood-forest (2)

burts-bees-lip-crayon- niagra-overlook

burts-bees-lip-crayon-redwood-forest (1)

Burt's Bees Lip Crayons follow in the twist up, chubby pencil pack, but have added cuteness as their caps are adorned with a honeycomb pattern. Cute! The pencils themselves boast a roster of 100% natural ingredients including shea butter, jojoba oil, and kendi oil. They give lips a pretty opaque coverage of soft-matte colour and wear nicely for hours while giving a lips a little boost of hydration. I really love the soft-matte texture as it looks really great on and really lasts. I have the shades Niagara Outlook, which is a melon-pink shade, and Redwood Forest, a brown-kissed red which dips it's toes in Marsala territories.

rimmel-provocalips-lip-colour (5)
rimmel-provocalips-lip-colour (4)




If longwear is your jam, you'll want at least a handful of Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Proof Lip Colour. These follow they standard format we've seen in the past, as you apply the colour, let it dry, then follow up with the glossy balm topper. I've used a few different versions over the years, but I don't think I've liked any as much as I like these. The shades all had slightly different formulas in terms of opacity, but the wear time is incredible! While I didn't wear any of them for 16 hours (the tube claims they'll last that long) these were still very much in tact when I removed my makeup. You can talk, eat, kiss and these won't budge or transfer- at all. You'll definitely need a good waterproof makeup remover (I've been using this one) or a little cleansing oil on a cotton round to get these off.

I have three shades- Skinny Dipping, a slightly taupey-nude with light shimmer, Pucker Up, a shimmery pink, and Play With Fire, a vivid, medium depth, classic red. As mentioned, the opacity differs a bit, with Play With Fire being full on opaque while Skinny Dipping is a little more sheer and Pucker Up having more of a semi-opaque lip gloss like look and the most shimmer. After applying these they do have a more matte look, but the formula needs the balmy, gloss topper or it gets incredibly sticky. I like the feel of the balm as it's quite light feeling and keeps lip hydrated nicely for a few hours. You do need to reapply the topper throughout the day though or lips get dry, sticky, and wrinkled looking.

Overall, some great lip options! I really like the Burt's Bees Crayons as I've been all about a matte lip and the shades are so perfect for everyday wear. That said, I am also quite fond of the Rimmel Provocalips too... A long wearing, glossy red? Yes please! Tried any of these? Have any new lip loves in your life?

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