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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lush Valentine's Day 2015

lush valentines day (4)

February 14th is approaching, and you know what that means- new and returning limited edition Lush products! I happen to be a fan of the Prince Charming shower gel, because really, what's better than pomegranate and vanilla? Of course, there is a lot more on offer, so read for a look at a few sure to make your Valentine's Day that much sweeter.

lush valentines day- cupids love soap

Cupid's Love Soap is an interesting blend of passionfruit juice, citrus (bergamot, if you want to get specific), rosewood, and cinnamon that combines to have an incredible fruity meets spicy scent. The white heart is not only adorable, but is made of soy yogurt to nourish skin while the red section contains fresh figs- you can even see the seeds! If it seems a little familiar to you, it's last year's Neon Love Soap but is now free of MPG (mono propylene glycol, a commonly used humectant.)

lush valentines day- the kiss lip scrub (1)
lush valentines day- the kiss lip scrub (2)

I always have a Lush lip scrub on the go, so I couldn't resist trying The Kiss Lip Scrub. The pretty pink sugar scrub contains adorable little red hearts (they're edible, btw) with a salty-sweet taste and candy like scent. The formula works just as well as their other blends to polish lips to perfection, but I do find the hearts get in the way as they don't really dissolve. A quick mirror check is necessary after use, unless the look you're going for includes rogue candy hearts...

lush valentines day- love locket bath bomb (2)
lush valentines day- love locket bath bomb (1)

Of course, no Lush overview is complete without something bath-y. The Love Locket Bath Bomb is a great option as it's a giant pink heart- literally, this bad boy is massive, like three baths big. Scented with vanilla, jasmine, and neroli it's creamy and lightly floral without being too sweet or intense. The locket has a few secrets, as it contains paper confetti hearts and a cute little inner heart packed with shiny red agar seaweed hearts! The hearts float around in the tub for a bit, but do dissolve. so no worries about them going down the drain. The bomb leaves skin silky feeling and lightly scented, but without any slick film on skin. 

Lush offers quite a few cute themed items for Valentine's Day- check them out here- but act fast as they'll only be around for a few more weeks. Have a favourite Lush product? Tried any of these? Are you planning anything special for Valentine's Day this year?

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