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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

OMG Nail Strips

omg nail strips  (3) copy

This winter has been pretty treacherous on my nails. The cold, dry climate doesn't help, but neither does my ability to break one pretty much every time I pick up a shovel- and with the amount it's been snowing has been quite often. *Sighs* That's partly why there haven't been too many nail posts as of late. I did manage to get my nails almost decent, which gave me the opportunity to try some cute nail strips from OMG Nail Strips. Read on for a look!
omg nail strips  (2)

omg nail strips- hot lips

omg nail strips- painted rose

omg nail strips- spilled paint (2)
omg nail strips- spilled paint (1)

I think everyone is up to speed with the general idea of nail strips, yeah? No? What? They're sticky strips you stick on your nails, file the edge, pop on some top coat, and there you go. Nail art with none of the hassle and virtually no skill required.

OMG Nail Strips come in a TON of different designs, of which I was sent three. Hot Lips isn't quite my style, but the kiss print is perfect for Valentine's Day. Painted Roses, with it's multi-hued roses on a pale mint background is my favorite of the batch and will be sported on my nails as soon as the snow starts to melt. The set you see modeled above, Spilled Paint is pretty much adorable, with multi-coloured paint drips on a pale pink background. Okay, so the drips go the opposite direction that I would have expected, but still, it's pretty cute.

I found that these applied very well as they didn't bunch up, crease, or ripple, and stayed smooth while filing off the excess. My only issue was that most of the sizes were too wide for my nails. Sure, you can trim them, but honestly I really hate having to- you can never get the cuticle edge perfectly even. OMG Nail Strips states these will last up to ten days, which is wishful thinking if you ask me, but as I'm currently on day four and these still look pretty good, I'm happy with wear time.

Overall, I like these, but I prefer not having to trim them. Other than the trimming, I'm a fan. Tried them? Are you a fan of nail wraps/strips... whatever you want to call them? 

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