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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix

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You spend time putting it on. You spend time taking it off. Between those activities, you'd probably like it stay in one place and at least a little bit like how it looked when freshly applied. Right? I'm talking makeup of course, as Make Up For Ever has re-launched their cult favourite Mist & Fix which promises to not only set your makeup, but keep it looking it's best for the long haul. Can it do it? Read on to find out...

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The short answer (to the question posed above)... Yup!

The longer answer... Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix is simple in form and function as it's simply a spray which you mist on over your makeup. The spray is formulated with An O2 Skin Complex which provides oxygenation to the skin while adding radiance and moisturizing without any kind of shiny finish. It's also alcohol free and dermatologist tested to be suitable for all skin types- even sensitive- making it perfect for literally everyone. It uses an acrylic copolymer to create an invisible, protective shield on skin. Yay science!

I quite like that this mist not only sets makeup for longer wear, but it also cuts any powdery look that could be lurking if you've used powders/powder foundation. More importantly is the fact that this does work to keep colours vibrant, resist fading, and do so without being drying on skin. To fully test it's powers I did something that almost always defeats a face full of makeup- I took a nap. While naps don't always cause full makeup destruction, they certainly don't do much to keep makeup looking perfect. Post nap, I was quite pleased to see that my makeup looked pretty much the same. I also tend to find my blush looks faded by mid-day, but when using this it looks fresh and vibrant far longer.

Overall, I'm a fan of this setting spray as it really does seem to prolong wear. Oh, and it also shields against factors like environmental pollution and extreme temperature changes. Since it currently isn't all that warm, I can't say much in terms of how well this holds up to heat and sweat, but I have high hopes. Have you tried this? What's your go-to method for keeping your makeup intact?

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