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Monday, March 23, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System

opi infinite shine (1)

Since it's Monday, and that marks the start of a new week, you've likely just painted your nails- if that's the type of thing you're into- Am I right, or at least close? Sunday nights are usually nail nights for me as I like to start the week off with fresh nails. It's not very often I end the week with the same nail colour though, as most nail polish chips pretty easily on me, and I have a very low tolerance for chipped nails. Something that always piques my interest is the new wave of 'gel-effect' polishes that claim to provide a gel like shine with extended wear without the need to cure under a lamp or soak off. Sounds perfect, right? OPI has recently released their own take with OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System. Does it withstand ten days wear which OPI claims it can? Read on to find out...

opi infinite shine (2)

OPI infinite shine- to the finish lime! (9)

opi infinite shine day six (2)

opi infinite shine day six- right hand

Okay, ten days wear? No. But I am still pretty impressed with this 'system'. The system is as simple as applying any other polish, but you are to use the OPI Infinite Shine Primer (which is your base coat) two coats of Infinite Shine colour, and top it off with Infinite Shine Gloss (aka top coat).

I guess it's best to start with step 1- Primer. The base coat looks pretty standard. It has a thin consistency that dries very quickly, but does feel quite cold on nails. It's something I've never experienced... The next step is colour. The polish applies beautifully! The formula is a touch thick, but flows so easily onto the nail while being very pigmented and only needing the two coats advertised. The shade I wore first, To The Finish Lime! is a vivid, lime cream. The shade dries a little bit darker than it looks in the bottle, which I quite like as it makes it a lime green that is much more wearable than a super bright shade. Last, step, a simple swipe of top coat, er, Gloss, making sure to wrap the tips for maximum wear time. I found the top coat dries quite quickly, which is always welcome, and dried with a protective feeling finish, with plenty of shine.

As for actual wear, I started to get tiny chips on my right (my dominant) hand on day four that progressed a little each day until I removed the polish on day six. The chipping was mostly on my pointer and middle finger, which are always the fingers that chip the most and most quickly on me (regardless of what polish/base coat/top coat I use) My left and fared better, with tiny chips emerging on my pointer on day five, and some pre-existing nail damage poking through on my middle finger. While I didn't get ten days wear, six is quite impressive for me, as I usually only get two (three if I'm lucky) from an average polish. Annd, when I removed the polish on day six, the finish had barely dulled, and was still quite glossy looking

opi infinite shine girl without limits

opi infinite shine no stopping me now

The other two shades I've been wearing are Girl Without Limits, a vivid bubble-gum pink cream, and No Stopping Me Now, a juicy, red-kissed orange cream. Both shades dried a little bit darker than they loo in the bottle, and are great bold shades that don't cross the line into 'too bright' territory.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how well the range wears, evn though I didn't make it to day ten as claimed. I did test the base and top coats with normal OPI polishes, and didn't find a whole lot of difference- my polish only lasted a day longer than I normally would have gotten. I'll keep testing them with other polishes, but it seems like you get the best effect with Infinite Shine shades. Of which, there are currently 30 shades, all creams, ranging from neutrals to brights. Have tried the range? What do you think of 'gel-like' polishes- yay or nay?

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