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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Go Big or Go Home | Volume Boosted Hair Care

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I have memories of being about 12 or 13 trying to get my hair to flatten out, and be less... well, just less. Of course, that was the late 90's when super straight, flat, and sleek hair was having a moment. Thankfully, times have changed and that look is a little (okay, a lot) less desirable with a full head of thick, bouncy hair no longer the enemy. I am always on the lookout for peoducts that can give my hair added oomph in the volume department, with as little effort as possible required- I've never been very skilled in the hair department. I've recently found a few products that are just that, and even better, don't break the bank. Read on! 

I tend to stick to drugstore brands for my hair styling supplies because I'm pretty fickle. I don't have a lot of patience or skill when it comes to hair, so if a product doesn't work for me after the first or second try, I'm moving on. Thus, spending a lot just doesn't make much sense. One drugstore wonder I've become kind of obsessed with is Giovanni 2Chic Tangerine & Papaya Super Potion Ultra-Volume Booster. Yeah, the name is hella long, but this gives air an instant volume boost, so I can overlook it. The lotion-like cream is applied to damp hair, and unlike most volumizing products, doesn't need to be blow-dried to reap it's full effects. What I love is that this thickens hair instantly! You can feel the difference on wet hair and more so once it's dried. The formula also reduces frizz, makes hair resistant to humidity, and prevents breakage. It's such a great little product that I'm considering picking up the whole range. It's that great!

Since there really isn't such a thing as too much volume, I like to layer up my products and aim for the sky. If I'm not working with first day hair, I like to go over my roots (any area that looks a little limp) with a dry shampoo to add in volume and absorb excess oil. I've been working my way through some Herbal Essences varieties, and love the Herbal Essences Body Envy Instant Clean Dry Shampoo for it's super clean feel and lift. When used on roots, it gives  lot of volume while leaving hair with some texture and a really clean look and feel. The texture is helpful for second day styling, as it makes hair more likely stay full and bouncy. It does leave the tiniest bit of dustiness on my dark hair, but it dissipates with a pass of your brush.

If my hair is clean, or I need to set my dry shampooed locks, It's L'Oreal Studio Line Silk & Gloss Volume Spray I'm reaching for next. This double duty spray works on dry hair as both a volumizing spray and traditional hair spray. I was a bit iffy about this- would it be sticky or leave my air a tangled mess?- but it's a fast and easy way to get added volume. I toss my head upside down and give a fast spray, flip my head back to an upright position then lift sections and add more to the root where I want more volume and added hold. When I've finished styling- which is usually just pinning back some layers around my face- I do one light spritz to keep everything in place. I don't find this to be sticky at all, and am happy to report I can still get a brush through my hair easily at the end of the day. The mist is whisper light, so you can really do to town without worrying about adding too much product and there is no chemical spill type scent. This spray is an excellent option for teasers- which I dabble with when I have a shorter cut- as this holds the teased volume and keeps your smooth, upper layer in place. It also holds curls/waves in place beautifully.

Quite often the products I use to amp up volume leave hair with some texture or a bit mattified- I'm looking at you dry shampoo- which is a fine look, but not always what I want. To get a sleeker, shinier finish I add a bit of Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Miracle Divine Polish. The light spray is formulated with argan oil utilizes a micro-emulsion oil technology to ensure the right amount of product goes to porous areas of hair to even hair surface and leave it silky and shiny. I love that it's incredibly lightweight, doesn't leave hair too shiny (aka limp and greasy looking) and smells pretty great to boot.

Overall, I'm loving these additions to my hair routine. Tried any of these products? What do you use in your hair for added volume?

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