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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande | Vanille, Fresh Fig & Almond Coconut Milk

laura mercier vanille, fresh fig and almond coconut eau gourmande (2)

Sometimes I buy something with zero intention of bogging it, but then end up loving it so much it just seems wrong not to. I picked up a set of Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande fragrances (at a hefty discount) and tucked them away for a day when a new scent would be enjoyed. A little hidden present to myself. I recently unearthed them and have been absolutely in love with the scents. While the exact set I picked up is no more, the individual scents are still very much available- Vanille, Fresh Fig, and Almond Coconut Milk to be exact!

laura mercier vanille, fresh fig and almond coconut eau gourmande (1)laura mercier vanille, fresh fig and almond coconut eau gourmande (3)
Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande  in Vanille, Fresh Fig, and Almond Coconut Milk (15 ml shown) 50 ml $55 USD / $65 CAD

Gourmande can be a tricky word when it comes to perfume as it can be interpreted so many ways, and no, it doesn't always mean sweet. While all three of these scents do have a sweet element, none of them are cloyingly so and the sweetness is never a main note. 

'Captures the essence of vanilla orchid & vanilla liqueur, vanilla musk, heliotrope, daylily, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood & amber.'

My unofficial life mission is to try every vanilla fragrance, so it's only fitting to start with Vanille. Vanille is more than just a basic vanilla as it's carefully blended with non-gourmande notes that makes for a scent with more depth. When first sprayed, amber is the first detectable note which then transforms through to vanilla orchid and the 'true' vanillas. I can't detect the individual floral noes as such, but they mingle nicely in the background of the scent. The amber does play a pretty big part in this scent, and adds warmth and depth, but does remain a strong note throughout wear.

Fresh Fig
'Capture the essence of fresh Celeste Figs with Apricot Nectar, Ylang Ylang.'

Before this scent joined my collection, I felt it was pretty well rounded, except that it lacked one thing- a fig scent. Fresh Fig begins quite green and fresh, but develops into something sweeter and takes on naturally delicious fig notes with an added something fruity- the apricot nectar, I suppose. As it wears on, I find the sweetness subsides and is taken over by a warmer, woodier and spicier form of fig. To be honest, this scent is not what I expected, and initially wasn't even sure I liked it. After a few times wearing it however, I have grown quite fond of it.

Almond Coconut Milk
'Captures the essence of almond, coconut milk, jasmine, rosewood, ylang-ylang, vanilla, tonka, heliotrope and musk.'

While I enjoy all of these scents, Almond Coconut Milk takes the cake as my favourite. It's the most typically gourmande scent of the bunch, and dips it's toes into sweeter waters, but but does so in a very elegant way. The scent opens with a soft coconut and almond blend with the floral notes hiding behind.The jasmine is mot apparent to my nose, which plays nicely with the vanilla and tonka. As this wears I find it becomes warmer and richer with a hint of a spiciness. My only complaint with almond Coconut Milk is that it that it has a lower silage and wear. I love the scent and as such would love for it to stick around a little longer.

Overall, I'm a fan of each of these scents. They wear nicely on skin and last quite well with just a spritz or two- Almond Coconut Milk is the slight exception, as mentioned. I quite like tat all of these scents has a lightness that never feels heavy or overdone, and what alcohol they do contain isn't at the forefront of the scent. Have you tried any of these scents or other from Laura Mercier? What's your favourite type of scent?

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