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Monday, May 18, 2015

Brights by OPI | Summer 2015

brights by opi 2015 (1)

Happy long weekend, blog fans! I'm not sure about where you call home, but in Canada, we're just wrapping up our first long weekend of the season. What better way to ring summer than with a few bright and happy polishes? OPI has brought us just that with their Brights by OPI Collection which is home to six new shades and three existing shades (re-promoted from last years' Neons.) Read on!

Hotter Than You Pink (re-promote) is a vivid pink with a frosty blue/purple glow. This shade is a re-promote from last year, as such, I do know that you can get more of a neon pop from this shade if you apply it over a white base. However, the formula does apply well without but needs three coats.

Can't Hear Myself Pink! is a vivid strawberry pink filled with foil-like shimmer. The shimmer gives this a glowing-reflective finish, but is also a bit sheer and needs three coats for full opacity.

Down to the Core-al (re-promote) is a vivid coral with glowing gold and tonal iridescent shimmer. Two coats, although this can be brightened if used over white.

Life Gave Lemons (re-promote) is a lemon-lime cream that plays the part of both yellow and green. The formula is surprisingly easy to apply, and only required two coats.

I STOP For Red is a bright tomato red with a slight it of an orange undertone. The formula has a jelly-like squishyness which gives the finish incredible shine, but also gives the coverage some sheerness. As such, I needed three coats to cover visible nail line. I feel like this is a shade we've seen from OPI before (or something very similar) so check your stash if you're a red collector.

I Sea You Wear OPI is a flashy, medium blue, with the same sort of foily, metallic shimmer as Can't Hear Myself Pink! Three coats.

My Car Has Navy-gation isn't even close to bright, but is a gorgeous, bold, navy cream. The formula was a bit patchy on the first coat, but built nicely and evened out on the second. Two coats.

The Berry Thought of You is a plummy-fuchsia cream. It has the same sort of jelly finish as I STOP For Red, but is more pigmented ans as such only required two coats. This shade is very similar to DIM Sum Plum (one of the first OPIs I ever bought!) but a bit brighter.

brights by opi 2015 on pink & needlesBrights by OPI On Pinks & Needles* (over My Car Has Navy-gation)

On Pinks & Needles is made up of hot pink glitter and various sizes of hexagonal bits in a clear base. This was made to go over My Car Has Navy-gation- just look at how the colours pop! The pieces are easily deposited on the nail when dabbed on, but I did find the larger bits like to stick to each other. One coat.

Overall, this is a fun collection, although not as bright as I had expected based on how the shades look in the bottles. The re-promoted shades can be worn over white, which does make them pop a bit more than when applied without it. My favourites are My Car Has Navy-gation, On Pinks & Needles, and Life Gave Me Lemons. What do you think of these? Any shades you need?

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