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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colour Duos

mary kay mineral cheek colour duo (3)

It's not officially Summer quite yet, but today totally feels like it- it's hot! One hot weather beauty tip I employ quite often is a less is more theory that employs a few coats (okay, a lot) of mascara and a sweep of bright blush. Simple, but effective, and you'll look like you spent way more time primping than you actually did. Plus, no one wants to sport a full face when it's swelter-y. Blushes that fit the bill perfectly, just happen to come in the form of the new Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Duos which combine a punchy matte blush, and soft, radiant highlight. Read on for a better look!

A thing of beauty, am I right?! The Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Duos come in split pans to house the blush and highlight, and like many MK products, are going to need to be popped in a palette as they're sold as is. I love the square shape, as the bold hues and shape give these a mod, op art feel.

As for the actual product... I found the blush formula differed a little bit in texture when swatched, but when applied to the cheek, these applied quite nicely. The matte formula is quite pigmented, so a little bit on the brush is best. The highlight seemed a bit powdery and quite subtle when swatched, but like the blush, performed beautifully in action. The effect is very refined and on the subtle side, but the glow is noticeable and gives skin a radiance that's completely free of obvious shimmer/glitter.

Ripe Watermelon is a bright, hot pink blush that is paired with pale blush pink highlight. The blush in this duo was drier feeling and swatched on the patchy side, but applies well on cheeks. I love the flush this combo gives!

Juicy Guava is a bold, coral blush paired with a golden-beige highlight. Like Ripe Watermelon, this was a bit patchy when swatched but applies very well.

Spiced Poppy is an vivid, red-orange blush paired with a pale gold highlight. The highlight is very similar to the shade from the Juicy Guava duo, but is a touch darker/warmer. This blush is quite smooth and very intensely pigmented.

Overall, I love these duos! Ripe Watermelon has been my everything lately, but you really can't go wrong with any of these shades. What do you think? Need any of them in your stash?

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