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Friday, May 8, 2015

Sun Seekers | SPF for Face, Body & Hair

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Yesterday was the first warm day of the season (yay!) which can only mean one thing... Okay, that's not true, it can mean quite a few things, but on the top of my warm weather must-have list is always SPF. I'm not much of a sun seeker myself, as I don't particularly like being hot and I'm pale, and am just fine staying that way. Plus, I burn pretty easily. If you think my face is on the pale side, imagine a body at least three shades lighter. That said, sunscreen is a necessity. While I use it year round on my face, you've got to up the ante come summer rays. Read on for a selection of excellent options for face, body, and hair! 

avon anew reversalist complete renewal day lotion and avon sun sunscreen face lotion

First up, face! I have two options from Avon, the first being Avon Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Lotion SPF 25. This option combines the anti-aging properties of the Reversalist range with added SPF 25. I started using this a few months ago and quite like that it doesn't irritate my skin (no breakouts, thank-you very much) and is quite hydrating. It also wears really well under makeup.

For added SPF, Avon Sun+ Sunscreen Lotion Face SPF 40 combines an oil-free, hydrating formula with higher sun protection. This formula is light feeling, but moisturizing, and contains very light golden shimmer that gives skin a touch of radiance. I like that this has no sticky feel, doesn't cause breakouts, and absorbs quickly. Oh, and it too wears well under makeup. I find some sunscreens can ball up when you apply foundation/base over them, but have had no issues with either of these Avon SPFs. 

l'oreal sublime sun invisible protect sheer spray mousse and alcohol free

For the body, I've become super spoiled by spray on sunscreens. They're just so quick and easy to apply, plus, many formulas are safe for face use as well, which means you can easily reapply throughout the day- even if you're wearing makeup. Just mist product on your hands and pat it on your face. Perfect, right?

L'Oreal Sublime Sun (Advanced Suncare in the US) has a pretty large selection of SPF options, but it's the Mousse and Invisible Sheer Finish Sprays that I've been using. The Mousse is just that, a light foamy mousse that glides onto skin leaving it lightly hydrated and perfectly protected from Mr. Sun. The sprays are amazing, especially if you're someone who hates having to be bothered to reapply. A quick spray, a second to rub in, and you're done. Available in alcohol free as well to suit even the most sensitive of skin types. 

vichy capitol soleil

Continuing on with more mists, is Vichy Capital Soleil Invisible Mist in SPF 30 and new for summer 2015, SPF 50. Much like the L'Oreal mists, Vichy's can also be used on the body and face, but are both alcohol free and contain Vichy Thermal Spa Water, known to fortify, soothe, and regenerate skin. I thought the L'Oreal sprays were light, but these have the finest, soft, mist that feels incredible on skin, with a light refreshing scent and feel instantly dry.

schwarzkopf blondme colour correction spray conditioner (2)schwarzkopf blondme colour correction spray conditioner (1)

Do remember to protect you locks from the sun? I'll admit I don't always think of it, but UV rays can be damaging to hair and attack your gorgeous colour (should you be an altered hue.) While Scwarzkopf BlndMe Colour Correction Conditiong Spray is marketed towards blondes, it's something almost anyone can benefit from. The purple spray works to temporarily tone brassy shades in hair, but it also conditions hair and is equipped with UV filtering properties. I use it mainly for he UV filter, but I do lke that it contains a light amount of mica (shake it up and watch the shimmer twirl) that gives hair a soft touch of simmer and shine while being conditioning. A great addition to any beach bag.

Clearly, there are plenty of options for your SPF needs. Tried any of these? Are you a sun seeker of more a made in the shade kind of gal?

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