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Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Little Bit Lippy with Arbonne

A little bit Lippy with Arbonne (10)

It's almost Friday! I don't tend to get all that excited about weekends, but this week has been kind of, well, I don't exactly know, but I'll be quite happy to see it end. You know? Since we're not quite there (the weekend) we might as well get to the goods- an array of lip dressings from Arbonne. What kind of lip dressings, you ask? Good question, but you're going to have to read on to find out!

Lip balm is a basic life essential, is it not? I think it is anyhow, and come sunny weather, it's a pretty smart idea to have one equipped with a little SPF. Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Lip Balm SPF 15 in Coconut Flavour is not only delicately scented with natural coconut and coconut oil, but it hydrates lips while protecting them from UVA/UVB rays. The mineral formula is non-whitening and light feeling on lips. I like that the formula feels light, as it makes this a great option for layering under other lip colour that lacks SPF.

I tend to only reach for lip liner when I'm wearing deep, vampy shades, but a great shade can have multiple uses. Arbonne Lip Liner in Peach in one of such shades, as the pink-peach nude shade works on it's own (though it can be a little drying), under gloss, or with lipstick. The formula feels a little stiff at first, but once it warms on the skin, it does apply quite nicely. As mentioned, I did find the formula to get a bit dry when worn on it's own, but a touch of balm or gloss, and you've got a fast, neutral pink lip.The Lip Liner is available in six shades to suit all your liner needs.

While I've come to adore a matte lip, lip gloss will always have a place in my heart. Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss is the most recent formula to grace my lips, and I have to say, I like it. I had a moment when I first opened a tube that was a little alarming- sticky looking, gooey, product- but these fare so much better than they look. The formula is a touch thicker than your standard gloss, but is just barely tacky and very easy to wear (it moisturizes!)

I have the shades Linden, a semi-sheer pink-peach frost, and Cosmos, a strawberry-pink cream. The gloss gives incredible shine and wears nicely for a few hours (about three) before getting a bit sticky and migrating to the corners of lips. The Glossed Over range is currently home to ten shades.

Last but not least, Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick in Hibiscus, a vivid, red-pink. Infused with fruit extracts, the formula is incredibly smooth and hydrating, with a light fruity scent (strawberry, maybe?) The finish has a lot of pigmentation and a soft shine finish that wears nicely. It's not the longest lasting, as it's so smooth and creamy, but the shade does leave a hint of a stain and touches up easily. Plus, there are currently 16 shades in this range.

Overall, some great lip options, especially if you happen to be looking for  vegan, gluten free, dermatologist-tested and allergy-tested safe products. What do you think? Any shades here you love? Are you looking forward to the weekend?

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