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Monday, June 29, 2015

Supplemental Beauty | Supplements for Hair, Skin & Nails

beauty supplements for hair skin and nails

Everyone knows a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to more than just the numbers on the scale. Everything from your mood to your complexion, hair, and nails can be effected when your lifestyle is out of whack. While eating a wide range of good-for-you foods is one way to get all the essentials your body needs, it's not always possible, and let's face it, sometimes you just need an extra boost of something specific. Call in the supplements! Read on for two that I've been using to help maintain my hair, skin and nails from within.

The newest addition to my repertoire comes in the form of Natural Factors Curcumin Rich Theracurmin. Okay, that name is a mouthful, but the capsules go down easier. Theracurmin is an antioxidant supplement (made from the yellow pigment found in turmeric) that has a few different therapeutic uses, but works to target skin and cell damage while improving skin tone and moisture from within. Studies conducted to examine its efficacy show that theracurmin produces a 15% increase in skin moisture content after four weeks of use. Additionally, improvements in age spots, wrinkles, and pores were visible on facial skin. Sounds pretty great, right?

I have only been using theracurmin for two weeks, and can't say if I've experienced true results as of yet. However, I like the fact that theracurmin is also a natural anti-inflammatory that works to provide antioxidant protection to cells which can reduce the risk factor for a host of chronic and age-related diseases (like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer.) Take if for vanity, but reap the heath benefits too.

supplemental beauty- nature's bounty hair skin and nails capsules and gummies (3)supplemental beauty- nature's bounty hair skin and nails capsules and gummies (4)

I've been taking biotin for about a year, as it's a great supplement if you're nails need some extra help. When restocking, I decided to switch it up and opt for Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies and Hair & Nails Capsules. Both products have very similar ingredients, but the Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies contain added vitamin C and E not found in the hair & Nails Capsules.

Obviously, gummies are the most fun way to take your supplements (duh.) The Hair, Skin & Nails gummies are strawberry flavoured and aren't too sweet, or chalky. Two a day is all you need, and really, how hard is it to eat two gummies?

I've been using the gummies for a few weeks, but have been using the Hair & Nails capsules for a few months and can attest to their efficacy. My nails are decent in the health department, but go through spells of weakness which leaves them more prone to splitting and breakage. When I take the Hair & Nails supplement faithfully, I find my nails are don't peel, regain strength, and generally look healthier. I find it can take up to three months to see any results from biotin alone, but the blend in the Hair & Nails capsules (L-cystin, horsetail, bamboo, inositol, and vitamin B) seemed to show results faster. Faster is never a bad thing. 

Overall, I'm a big fan of both Nature's Bounty supplements for hair, nails and skin. Time will tell if I see visible results from the theracurmin, but I'm hopeful. tried any of these products (or similar?) Do you use any beauty supplements?

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