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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea 003

Congrats! You've made it to Friday. Hopefully your week was decent, but if it was more hellish then heavenly, I suggest you make a quick stop off at your nearest Body Shop. Why? The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection is why. The new (and permanent) collection includes the standard Body Shop fare, plus, a few new to shake things up. Want a closer look? Read On!

'Say hello to the Fuji Green Tea Collection, the first range from The Body Shop infused with real green tea leaves. To capture their antioxidant power, only the finest, hand-picked shoots from the Mount Fuji region in Japan are selected. Te end result- replenished, refreshed, and healthier-feeling skin.' - The Body Shop

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection products have a fresh, slightly floral scent, that is light and relaxing. It's a great summer sent, as it's not heavy or cloying in anyway.  As mentioned, may of your favourite Body Shop formulas are included in the range, like Body Lotion, which provides hydration and scent, with a light-weight formula, and Body Sorbet, which as a gel-like texture that disappears on skin for hydration and scent with the lightest feel (it's even more amazing if you put the tube in the fridge!)

The collection also includes some new formulas, like the Body Scrub. I know, The Body Shop has always done body scrubs, but not like this.This scrub has a gel texture and fine scrubbing bits. I won't mince words- I don't like it. It's really weak and just doesn't seem like it's exfoliating. The Exfoliating Soap, while also gentle, is a better option as it cleanses with the added benefit of walnut shell powder for light exfoliating action. For literal bathing beauties, there is one last newbie product in the form of Bath Tea. Bath Tea looks kind of like bath salts, but is infused with bits of green tea leaf and aloe to cleanse, sooth, and condition skin. It makes for an incredibly relaxing bath experience (and smells incredible!)

Overall, I really like this new collection. The scent is great, especially if you like a fresh, light scent. I say skip the Body Scrub, but the other products are worth the haul. Have you tried this scent? What's your favourite Body Shop product?

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