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Monday, June 1, 2015

Yves Rocher Bleu Vegetal | Summer Creation Collection 2015

yves rocher summer creation 2015 bleu vegetal (2)

I guess it's supposed to finally be summer? You wouldn't know it, as it's been damp, rainy, and cold here, but Yves Rocher is ready for summer with their recently released Summer Creation Collection. The Summer Creation Collection is fairly large so I thought I might break it up into more manageable, bite-sized posts   for your reading pleasure. To start off, the Bleu Vegetal items, which evoke warm summer days, and cool ocean waters. Read on!

Yves Rocher summer collections are always home to a new, perfect for the season scent, and this year's Bleu Vegetal Eau de Toilette and accompanying Bleu Vegetal Shower Gel are no exception. The scent found in both products is a fresh-floral blend made up of feminine jasmine, and fresh, sparkling bergamot essence. The combination is simple, but quite nice, especially for arm days, as it's fresh and bright, but not overpoweringly citrus based. I do find that the Bergamot does give this a strong similarity to the Summer Collection scent from last summer, but with a touch more floral from the addition of jasmine.

The shower gel is a great way to give the eau de toilette a boost, as it does leave sin delicately scented. Plus, it lathers exceptionally well and leaves skin fully cleansed, but not stripped.

Continuing on the fresh, feminine theme is the Healthy glow Effect Blush. The glass roller-ball comes packaged in the same oceanic, floral, and butterfly box as the perfume, which is quite cute and a nice tie in. The blush itself, is a rosy-red liquid you simply dot onto cheeks and rub in to create a naturally fresh, rosy cheeked look. While this is very easy to apply, and can create a pretty, natural effect, I found the pigment to be just too weak. My skin is fairly light, and I found that I had to use multiple layers to get enough colour. The fact that this doesn't instantly stain skin is great, but at the same time, it's a bit tedious to layer up.

Overall, I quite like the Bleu Vegetal fragrance. It's fresh and clean, and perfect for warm, summer days (and nights.) The blush is great in theory, but in application... Not as much, unless you don't mind a little bit of work. Stay tuned for more goodies from the Summer Creation Collection including nail lacquers, lip crayons, cream shadows, and an incredibly gorgeous blush/bronzer (it's a looker!) Do you have a favourite type of summer scent? Interested in this one?

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