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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lise Watier Rivages Collection | Summer 2015

Lise Watier Rivages Collection Summer 2015 (3)
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It's a gorgeously sunny day today, which only makes it extra appropriate to take a few minutes to chat about the Lise Watier Rivages Collection for summer 2015. The Riveages (aka seashore) Collection is filled with easily wearable, summery shades and casual neutrals with some new products and a few limited edition goodies in the mix. There's quite a bit to get to, so let's go!

The star of the collection, just might be the large and in charge (this is a seriously hefty bronzer) Rivages Bronzing Powder. The powder combines pale gold, pink, and bronze veining to create a visually stunning product. The bronzer itself, is incredibly pigmented, but not too orange/deep (although, a light hand is best for paler skin.) The shade has a soft, golden radiance that is very pretty, and gives skin a subtle glow.

Summer cheeks get a pop of vivid colour with Blush Fondant in Shell (one of two shades.) The shade is a bold coral meets fruit punch matte that sheers out nicely given how pigmented the cream is. The creamy formula (which contains concentrated Labrador Tea Extract) dries to a powder finish that lasts quite well on skin.

The broner is undoubtedly fun to look at, but I think my favourite items from this collection might just be the 24 HRS Glam Eyeshadows in Sexy Glam (pink champagne) and City Glam (medium teal-kissed green.) The shimmering shades have an easy to apply/blend (act fast though), long-wearing, waterproof formula that works well as a wash on lids or under shadows. I quite like theses as bases, but they wear well alone or as liner. Sexy Glam is an addition to the existing range, with City Glam being a limited edition shade. Bonus: they include a sharpener in the base.

For easy colour, the Magic Lip Colour Enhancer is a great pick. The balm textured product (is it a balm? Is it a gloss? Who knows) has a pH adjusting formula to give lips the perfect pink tint. The shade is great- it's not a straight up fuchsia like similar products turn- and the formula is light, completely free of any tackiness, and nicely moisturizing. I'm a fan!

Of course, if lipstick should be more your style, the Rouge Sublime offer a hydrating formula with a creamy, lightly  glossy, satin finish. New shade additions include Amour (soft rosy pink), Éclectique (vivid, pink-coral), and Ginger (chocolate milk brown). The formula is easy to wear, with a balmy feel and buildable colour.

Overall, this is a great collection! My must-haves have to be the 24 HRS eyeshadows, Magic Lip Enhancer, and Ginger Rouge Sublime. While many of the new products are now part of the permanent lineup, the LE items will only be around until the end of July. What do you think of this collection? Anything you need in your life? 

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