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Friday, July 17, 2015

Mark Limited Edition Body Oil

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Friday Favourites! Okay, I don't normally (or ever) do Friday Favourites, but, if I did, the new limited edition Mark Body Oils would definitely get a spot. You might not expect a summer release for body oils, because really, who wants to slather on a coating of oil in the middle of the summer? Not I. But, these aren't your average oils. Intrigued? Read on!

'Get the silky-smooth skin you crave without the weight of a lotion or cream. This fast-absorbing oil lightly moisturizes, leaving no lingering greasy feel.' - mark.

As I briefly mentioned, these Mark Body Oils aren't your average body oil. The formula is incredibly light feeling and quite thin- more watery than you'd expect an oil to be. The formula uses olive fruit oil (aka olive oil) as the hydrating component, along with the fragrances and isopropyl alcohol. I know, RED FLAG. I was a bit baffled/saddened to see it in the ingredients, but, after a bit (a lot, actually) of sleuthing (aka Googling) I learned it evaporates cleanly, leaving nothing on skin, and won't leave you drier than the Sahara. The addition of alcohol gives this a bit of a cooling effect on skin, and helps it absorb quickly.

The oils are available in the core Mark body range scents:
  • Crushing on Coconut: a tropical blend of coconut cream, mandarin, and orchid
  • Sweet on Lemon Sugar: a sparkling blend of tangy citrus and sugar
  • Dreaming of Jasmine: a romantic blend of jasmine petals, peach, and vanilla
  • Passionate for Plumberry: notes of plum, blackberry, and passionflower

They all smell incredible, and I'm hard pressed to pick a favourite. That said, I am partial to the lemon scent (I've been using the range since it came out) and the coconut one, since it's perfectly summery (and I happen to love coconut.) The scent is strongest when applied, but mellows to leave skin softly scented for a few hours before fading away.

Overall, I really love these! The thin formula isn't sticky or heavy on skin and absorbs quickly and cleanly. After applying skin feels instantly soft and smooth, with a natural radiance, but no oily feel. Sadly, they are limited edition, so nag them now if you're interested. Do you like body oils? Which scent would you use?