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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

OPI Nail Envy "Strength in Colour"

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I have a love hate relationship with my nails. When they behave, it's a full on love-fest, but when the decide to be little hellions that peel, weaken, and break? Not so much. I have a few fixes for those occurrences, one of which being the original OPI Nail Envy. There are actually a few different formulations for varying nail issues, but I quite like the original as it works to treat and protect nails. What's that? Ooh, good question. What if you want a little colour with your care... Then the new OPI Nail Envy "Strength in Colour" are perfect for you. Want to learn more? Read on!

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OPI Nail Envy is now available in four tinted options. OPI Nail Envy "Strength in Colour" combines the original Nail Envy formula (enriched with wheat protein + calcium) with soft tints of OPI Sheer Shades:
  • Pink to Envy- a barely there, sheer pink (Nail Envy exclusive shade)
  • Bubble Bath- a sheer, milky, pale pink
  • Samoan Sand- a semi-sheer, warm, beige-nude
  • Hawaiian Orchid- an opaque orchid pink cream

Since these are treatments, you simply apply two coats and you're good (aka no base or top cat needed.) Easy, but, if your nails are in a less than perfect state (mine usually are when I reach for Nail Envy, ) you're best to steer clear of Bubble Bath, as the sheer, milky hue can emphasize flaws and ridges. For fans of fully opaque shades, Hawaiian Orchid is the lone shade to offer full coverage, with Samoan Sand falling square in the middle. Pink to Envy has a barely there pink tint, that instantly gives nails a healthier look.

Overall, I love the idea of tinted Nail Envy! I was already a fan of the treatment, so a coloured option is just an added plus. I often like giving my nails a break if I've worn polish steadily for a spell, and treatments are great for protecting bare nails from breakage while preventing further damage. With these, I get the best of Nail Envy, plus colour.  It's a win win really. Are you a fan of OPI Nail Envy? Interested in these?  

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