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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sothys Sensitive Skin Line with Spa Thermal Water

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It's a skincare type of day. Well, maybe not, but I've been working my way through a lot of skincare , so it's going to be a skin care day. The products up for discussion today come from the Sothys Sensitive Skin Line which includes Spa Thermal Water. Interestingly, the Sothys Spa Thermal Water (which is technically named Marie-Heriette Natural Mineral Water) is sourced from a a protected area in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. A little geographical appetizer before we get to the main course. Ready? Read on!

As mentioned, this range features SPA Thermal Water. ll of the products are formulated with it as it's an active water with a low mineral content and a pH level close to that of skin. In studies, it's shown to help 'block epidermal receptors responsible for sensations of pain and itching'  and is shown to 'help lastingly reduce skin sensitivity' meaning, if you suffer from dry and itchy or sensitive and painful skin, this is the product range for you. As this range is designed for sensitive skin, it is fragrance free, hypoalergenic, and colourant free.

Sothys Soothing SOS Serum has a light, wet, lotion-like feel, yet absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. This serum is designed to quickly sooth skin by neutralizing discomfort and any accompanying redness. Along with the aforementioned Spa Thermal Water, the formula contains blue ageratum leaf algae and brown algae to sooth skin and limit inflammation. I don't have incredibly sensitive skin, but this serum does have an incredible feeling on skin and leaves if feeling very soft, supple. 

Sothys Soothing Velvet Cream is a light lotion that is formulated to combat dryness and sensitivity- the range also includes a Soothing Melting Fluid for sensitive combination skin. The lightweight lotion has a wet feel (much like the serum) that takes a moment to absorb. When it does, skin is instantly hydrated (it's kind of magical that something so light is so hydrating.) The formula contains specific moisturizing complex to maintain surface hydration and repair cellular activity that can cause discomfort in sensitive skin.

Sothys Nutri-Soothing Mask has a unique cream-balm texture, that is very much the opposite of the other products. This thick cream is applied to skin as an 'emergency treatment' one to two times a week. The rich mask sits on skin for 10-15 minutes, and is then wiped or rinsed off (like most moisture masks) and leaves skin soothed and incredibly moisturized. The balm-like texture kind of melts onto skin, which allows the gentle formula to hydrate and treat skin without disrupting the natural barrier and causing further discomfort.

Overall, these are great products if you should suffer from sensitive skin and/or extreme dryness (and sensitivity that can come with it.) My skin hasn't been as dry as it usually is in colder months, but I've still found this range to make a difference in my overall skin quality. I'll be stowing these away for the fall/winter though, as they'll be especially welcome in my cold weather routine. Sothys Sensitive Skin Line is available at Sothys beauty consultants across Canada and the US. To find out where you can purchase these items in your area, call the toll free number 1-800-361-3004. Interested in any of these products? What skin type do you have?

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