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Monday, August 24, 2015

Demeter Mr. Bubble | My Scent Memory

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Oh, to be a kid again... Some days it seems incredibly appealing to take a step back in time an relive the best parts of childhood (no stress, no bills, no real responsibilities.) Obviously, that's not quite possible, but you can take a tiny trip back via scent memory. Demeter is all about scent memories with hundreds of scents to help take you there. Their newest scent, Mr. Bubble, takes you back to childhood bubble baths with the classic Mr. Bubble scent. Who remembers him?

I don't know that Mr. Bubble was ever available here in Canada, as I don't remember using it at home. My scent memory with Mr. Bubble goes back to about 1991 in Zephyrhills, Florida. It was our first family vacation to Florida and we were staying at my grandparent's house. They had a cute little two bedroom cottage type house they used to do the whole snowbird thing (and avoid Canadian winters.) Complete with grapefruit and orange trees and a large screened in porch, it was a little slice of heaven. Plus, there were geckos! I was in awe of the geckos.

Now, I was the type of kid who had a strange bathroom anxiety. I straight up refused to use any bathroom that didn't look clean enough, and was generally uncomfortable in new bathroom situations. While I am able to see the cuteness of my Nan's winter home now as an adult, her tan and avocado green bathroom (complete with 70's florals) induced fear in my six year old self. I slowly came around to using the bathroom as long as my mom stood in the doorway (hey, a girl's gotta pee sometime or another) but bath time... It was a whole other issue. I was not pleased about having to bathe in a strange tub. The photo of baby Bailey above, with red eyes and tear stained face, is after my mom thought I would enjoy my uncle's giant claw foot tub. No such luck. Given my history of bathroom/bathtub aversions, my Nan appeared with a bottle of  Mr. Bubble. The pink bottle, with pink liquid that created mounds of pillowy bubbles, and filled the air with a pretty fantastic scent was used as a ploy to get me into the green tub. But did it work? Eventually, yes. It did take a bit of persuasion, and promises of Minnie Mouse ears from Disneyland (which I did get, and still have.)

When the opportunity came to try Demeter Mr. Bubble, I immediately though of my Florida adventures. I didn't even know if I'd remember the scent, but it turns out scent memories really are quite powerful as it all came right back. Demeter has perfectly captured the fruity-sweet scent of Mr. Bubble. The scent is actually more complex than I remember with notes of coconut, banana, and peach with floral notes of jasmine and  rose at the core. The scent finishes with balsamic vanilla and a powdery raspberry base. The overall scent is mostly fruity, I find the raspberry to be most recognizable, with a soft hint of floral and a powdery soapiness. The scent has the sweet thing going on, but isn't too saccharine or cloying.

Overall, I love this scent but also that it perfectly captures Mr. Bubble. Demeter is a brand I've always loved for their ability to take everyday things and create them into incredible scents, so really, I shouldn't be surprised that they've captured Mr. Bubble so well. Do you remember Mr. Bubble? Do you have any scents that bring back memories?

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