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Thursday, August 6, 2015

SST Cosmetics Quintessential Collection | Spring 2015

SST Quintessential Collection  (4)
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I'm having a slight crisis today... Okay, not quite crisis, but I'm bothered. It's a photo issue. My laptop keyboard is acting up, so I've been using a different computer to type up my posts, but I'm still editing them on my own computer. On the second computer (ol' typey, we'll call him) my photos look totally washed out and not so hot. Now I'm concerned that's how all of you reading this see them. See my conundrum? Not much I can currently do about it though, so let's get to some makeup chat, yeah? Today I've got more goodness from Canadian brand SST Cosmetics (remember them from here?) in the form of their  Quintessential Collection for Spring 2015 (and a couple of extras...) Read on for a look?

SST Quintessential Collection Meek and Mild Silky Eyeshadow Combo

SST Quintessential Collection Composed Silky Eyeshadow Single

SST Quintessential Collection Meek and Mild Silky Eyeshadow Combo Composed Silky Eyeshadow Single (2)

The SST Cosmetics Quintessential Collection is home to soft, feminine shades that are exactly what I think when I think spring. Yes, I know it`s summer, but let`s pretend it`s still spring (there is an upside- spring isn't disgustingly hot.) For eyes, the collection has three options with two being shadow duos. The Silky Eyeshadow Combos in Meek and Mild combine a satin-shimmer shade and a matte shade for a soft eye look. Meek has rosey shades, while mild has soft gold shades. I didn't find these to swatch all that well, as the texture feels a bit dry and stiff, but when applied to the eyes over primer, they do create a nice, but soft look. Pigmentation is decent, but not super strong. The Silky Eyeshadow in Composed, a single shade, does pack more pigment with a satin-matte formula and a plum-kissed burgundy shade.

SST Quintessential Collection  (6)SST Quintessential Collection Vital High Shine Lip Polish

SST Quintessential Collection Stripped Hydrating Lipstick (2)SST Quintessential Collection Stripped Hydrating Lipstick (1)

SST Quintessential Collection Vital High Shine Lip Polish Stripped Hydrating Lipstick

Lips get a dose of pretty, neutral pink shades with High Shine Lip Polish in Vital, a slightly mauvey, natural pink gloss. This gloss gives lots of shine with a sheer, but evident wash of colour with a really comfortable (aka not sticky!) formula that even feels lightly hydrating. For lipstick lovers, there`s the Hydrating Lipstick in Stripped, a neutral, pink-nude with silvery shimmer. I've used this formula in the past, and really enjoyed it, but this shade... It's not so good. The texture is off. It feels dry and the shimmer creates a texture on lips and just doesn't wear well. It`s too bad, because I love the shade otherwise.

SST Radiant Finish Bronzer Luxury High Shine Lip Polish (3)

SST Luxury High Shine Lip Polish (2)

Bonus time! Along with the Quintessential Collection, I was sent a Radiant Bronzer in Sun Kissed and a High Shine Lip Polish in Luxury. I failed as a blogger and didn't get swatches of the bronzer, but I can give you a rundown anyhow. It looks quite deep in the pan (and fairly shimmery) but it's actually a great bronzer for the paler crowd, as it's not deep, doesn't pull orange, and has a softer pigmentation that allows for easy building. The shimmer is almost invisible on skin as well. The gloss, Luxury, has a clear base that is home to fine silver and gold shimmer. It has the same easy wearing, non-sticky formula as Vital, and is perfect for pairing with lip liner or lipsticks that need a bit of sprucing up.

Overall, there are some great pieces in this collection. I really like the Lip Polish in Vital, shadow duo in Meek, and the single shadow in Composed. What do you think? Like anything here?

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