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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dollup Beauty Dollup Case | Jetset Black

dollup beauty dollup case black (7)
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Something a little different today, but really interesting. The Dollup Beauty Dollup Case. It's a really unique system that incorporates makeup storage, brush storage, and a mirror for on the go use. As Dollup says "Bring your vanity with you". Okay, so you can't bring it all, but you can take quite a bit. Read on for a closer look.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Pur Minerals Lip Lure | Belle

pur minerals lip lure in belle (2)
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One is the loneliest number that you'll ever doooo... At least it is for me, with the Pure Minerals Lip lure. I've only got one of the five shades in the range, and it's lonely. Well, I'm assuming it's lonely without it's brethren. It might not be lonely for long though, as I'm pretty smitten with it and might need a few more. Want a closer look?You know what to do...

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup Vol. 55

bbc roundup

  • TheFabZilla: What's your preferred way of defining brows? Check out if Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil is right up your alley
  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: The Tom Ford Beauty Fall Color 2015 Master Class, with Todd Davidson at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, offered the perfect step-by-step tutorial to achieve the ultimate modern monochromatic look! Learn how to replicate the look yourself!
  • Painted Ladies: The Butter London ShadowClutch offers six stylishly smooth and buttery eyeshadows. They are so pigmented!
  • Be Happy And Buy Polish: Need a beautiful glowing nail polish in your life? Check out CrowsToes Ingrounded!
  • Beauty on the Bayou: PORES NO MORE¦.StriVectin Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner and GIVEAWAY!
  • Beauty by Miss L: What's in my LookFantastic Beauty Box September 2015 box?
  • Color Me So Crazy: See What's a Must in MY Gym Bag and What it Has to do With Beauty!
  • I Know all the Words: PMS is rough. Treat Yo' Self with products from Antipodes, Arbonne, Vichy and more to survive in style
  • Never Say Die Beauty: Holiday collections are starting to be introduced. Never Say Die Beauty is showing off one of the unique & adorable shadow palette as well as gorgeous lip & eye crayons from Mirabella Beauty's Jewel Thief Collection for Holiday 2015
  • ProcrastiNails: Always wanted to try extensions but never knew where to start? Katherine has you covered with a look at the Irresistible Me premium line of clip-in hair extensions!
  • From My Vanity: Katie is sharing press-on nails that look like you went to the salon to get them done!
  • Makeup Obsessed Mom: Do you have large pores? Always searching for a product to shrink them? See if this Dr Brandt product did the trick for Stacie.

  • Friday, September 25, 2015

    Drugstore Lovin' | Marcelle Edition vol. 2

    marcelle drugstore lovin vol. 2
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    Happy Friday! How can you not love a Friday? To wrap up this fine blog week, I've got a virtual stroll trhough the Marcelele aisle, as I have a few new goodies. For you non-Canadian beauties, Marcelle is a Canadain drugstore brand (sister to Annabelle.) I've got deep love for both brands as they've both bee in my makeup bags from the very start. Plus, I have fond memories of stealing ahem, borrowing my mom's Marcelle products when my own became too limiting. Read on!

    Thursday, September 24, 2015

    Treat Yo' Self PMS Survival

    treat yo self PMS survival (2)
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    Who loves their period? Hands in the air everywhere, right? Yeah, not so much. While the topic seems a bit TMI, it's a very real part of life that as women, we've all dealt with. Since PMS can be, well, pretty sucky (at best) but why suffer when you can treat yo' self? Okay, you'll probably still suffer a bit, but pop some ibuprofen and get some chocolate in you, and it should all work out with limited casualties. I mean, it's not like you want to be Batman or anything... Read on for a few choice skincare picks for treating your pre-menstrual syndrome suffering self!

    Wednesday, September 23, 2015

    Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection | Holiday 2015

    mirabella jewel thief collection holiday 2015 (1)
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    A slight blogger fail on my part, I've discovered. It turns out I'm a bit early with this post as this collection isn't available until October. Read both sides of the press release and I would have known that. Oh well, you get to behold the Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection for Holiday 2015 now. Lucky you! It's a small collection, but it does pack some pretty hues and excellent formulas. Read on!

    Tuesday, September 22, 2015

    Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil

    mad hippie antioxidant facial oil (2)
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    It's officially Autumn (or Fall) whatever you like to call it, it's almost here! I love Fall, but with it comes the transition to Winter, which means colder weather and drier skin. Ugh. Summer is the one respite I get, as my skin retains hydration and doesn't give me any issues. Luckily there are all kinds of products I get to try to combat the dry, with Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil being a pretty spectacular one.

    Monday, September 21, 2015

    Eyeglassio Carrie Frames | Review

    eyeglassio carrie frames review (5)
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    Happy Monday, blog fans! We're taking a bit of a beauty break today to chat about my gorgeous new glasses. I've worn glasses since I was nine, so they're a pretty integral part of 'me'. Plus, I'm pretty much blind without them, so it's not too often you'll see me without them. Anyone with glasses knows how expensive they can be, so I was all over the opportunity to try a pair of glasses from Eyeglassio. Read on for a closer look!

    Sunday, September 20, 2015

    Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup Vol. 54

    bbc roundup

  • Painted Ladies: For smooth, pigmented, buildable matte shadows, check out the Pur Minerals Soul Mattes Eyeshadow Palette!
  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Have you shopped the Ulta Beauty 21 Days of Beauty for Fall 2015 event yet? If not, check out their amazing deals before it ends on September 26!
  • Be Happy And Buy Polish: Do you live and breathe Doctor Who? Jessica has a Bad Wolf inspired nail polish on the blog this week!
  • AdviceSisters Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle : If you didn't make it to fashion week in NYC or even if you did
  • Color Me So Crazy: Barielle has HOT new Fall/Winter Lineand I Have it on MY Blog... Check It Out?!!!
  • I Know all the Words: Banish blemishes (and under eye circles) with The Concealment Department featuring picks from Maybelline and Smashbox
  • Beauty by Miss L: Simple nail art in fall colors
  • Makeup Obsessed Mom: Are all beauty box subscriptions created equal? Check out this month's Beauty Box 5.
  • Never Say Die Beauty: Allison has fallen for two Tatcha skincare products: lightweight, greaseless Pore Refining Sunscreen SPF 35 and Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. Find out why their new staples in her skincare arsenal.

  • Friday, September 18, 2015

    My Paula's Choice Routine | Clear Acne Kit + Resist

    This post is sponsored by Pretty In My Pocket on behalf of Paula's Choice. All opinions are my own 

    my Paula's Choice routine Clear Acne Kit + Resist
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    I feel like an appreciation of skincare is something that comes with age; it was for me anyway. Skincare just isn't as much fan as makeup, but is kind of essential if we want to look our best. I dabbled with skincare when I was younger, but never really stuck to anything and looking back, I can say I wasn't using the right products for my skin type most of the time either. If I only knew... I've been using Paula's Choice lately, and I can't help but think teenage me would have been a fan. Not only can you get a one-on-one skincare consultation (so you know exactly what is best for your skin,) but Paula's Choice offers something for everyone at any age. Read on for a look at my routine using Paula's Choice Clear Acne Kit and Resist products.

    Thursday, September 17, 2015

    The Concealment Department with Maybelline & Smashbox

    smashbox and maybelline concealment department (2)
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    When I was trying to think of a catchy or witty name for this concealer twosome, the 'concealer department' was one of the ideas I initially passed on, but it stuck with me. I envisioned a group of concealers meandering about a precinct eating stale donuts and drinking black coffee, discussing the grisly sights they'd been forced to endure. As concealers. I might need to cut back on my late night Law & Order SVU re-runs, but these are two exceptional concealers that I kind of love. Read on for all the deets on Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector and Smashbox 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2015

    Avon Beyond Colour Lipstick SPF 15

    avon beyond colour lipstick spf 15 (2) ::: press sample ::: 

    New lipstick and a super cute lip print makeup bag? Yup! I've always been a fan of Avon lipstick, so I was totally into trying the new Avon Beyond Colour Lipstick SPF 15. While lipstick is a mood booster in and of itself, but include a cute makeup bag in the mix and how can you not be a little happier? Read on for a peek at the Avon Kisses Makeup Bag and swatches of Avon Beyond Colour Lipstick SPF 15.

    Tuesday, September 15, 2015

    Annabelle Pencil Power

    Annabelle Pencil Power
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    We're taking a trip down the aisles of the drugstore today, a Canadian drugstore actually, as the brand at hand is Annabelle. Annabelle (and her older sister Marcelle) have released a lot of new pieces for fall, with quite a few pencil products. From lips, brows, and eyes it's a full on pencil party. I love that you can find some really quality products (on the cheap) if you know where to look, since $30 for a single liner isn't always feasible. Today is all about Annabelle pencils with most being eye liners, but brows join the fun too. Ready? Read on!

    Monday, September 14, 2015

    Deciem Hylamide Photography Foundation

    deciem hylamide photography foundation (2)
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    Monday. I thought I was ready for you, but so far, we're just not getting along so well. I thought I was organized, turns out not so much. Well, at least I do have a pretty great product ready to share with you lovely lot. Up for discussion today is the oh-so-interesting Deciem Hylamide Photography Foundation. It's not your average foundation, like at all. Intrigued? Read on!

    Saturday, September 12, 2015

    Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup Vol. 53

    bbc roundup
  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog:Barneys New York LOVE YOURSELF Bag Event is going on now through September 13, and you won't want to miss out on their amazing gift bag and Step-up Gifts. Get all of the details from LSBB!
  • Painted Ladies: Find out how you can customize your eyeshadow options and get a 20% coupon code to ittsÄ“.
  • TheFabZilla: Are you eyeing Tom Ford Beauty Fall 2015 Lip Color Collection? I have So Vain, Forbidden Pink and Lilac Nymph!
  • george&bear: Clare sorts the good from the bad with six of the best cleansers for your morning shower.
  • Be Happy And Buy Polish: A fun and hot manicure by Jessica this week!
  • Color Me So Crazy: I have Bunnies for my NCC Monthly Challenge and They are Super CUTE!!

  • Friday, September 11, 2015

    Annabelle Smokey Nudes Palette

    annabelle smokey nudes palette (8)
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    It seems like every time I set out a well balanced blog schedule, get myself super organized,  something comes up and I've got to switch it all around. Every. Time. It's like some sort of mildly irritating curse... Anyway, it means you get to behold the beauty that is the Annabelle Smokey Nudes Palette a few days earlier than I planned. Like your nudes smokey and your smokey with an e? Read on!

    Thursday, September 10, 2015

    Mary Kay Cityscape for Him & Her

    mary kay cityscape (1)
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    I'm very certain I've mentioned my love of Fall, but I'll say it again- I love Fall! I also happen to be pretty fond of Autumnal scents as well. Warm scents, spice, woody vanilla... How can you go wrong? Mary Kay has two new limited edition scents (one for him and one for her) with accompanying bath and body accoutrements. Read on for a rundown of the Mary Kay Cityscape fragrance!

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencils

    Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil Cashmere White, Lustrus Sapphire, and Smooth Charcoal (3)
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    Pencils. Pencils. Oh, and pencils. Now that I've written it so many times it's lost its meaning, lets talk about pencils. I've got a bunch more coming up, but today it's all about Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencils. If you're a fan of smooth and creamy formulas that just happen to wear all day, then read on!

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

    Clarins Newness for Fall 2015

    Clarins new for fall2015 joli rouge, crayon kohl, and lip pencil
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    Somewhere, the manager of the universe is slacking. They forgot to flip the switch on summer heat. It should be getting more manageable with the impending autumn (aka the best season of the year) but it is still sweltering here. I don't like sweltering. While it seems like I'm going to have to deal a bit longer, I can at least daydream of crisp fall days with the new additions Clarins has released as part of their Fall 2015 line up. Read on for a look at a few pieces!

    Monday, September 7, 2015

    Everything Nails with Kiss

    Everything Nails with Kiss
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    One last nail post (for now...) Life came calling, so my final nail post of last week has been bumped to today, the unofficial last day of summer for most, as school starts Tuesday. I know most of you are a bit older than the school-age crowd, but Kiss has you covered where ever you're heading back to. Kiss is known of their huge array of faux nail options, but they also have a bit of everything for your nail related needs. Read on for a look!

    Saturday, September 5, 2015

    Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup Vol. 52

    bbc roundup

  • TheFabZilla: Another matte in town, lippy that is! Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Luminous Modern Matte collection is drool-worthy! I have 1975 Red, a beautiful orange red lipstick that stops traffic!
  • Painted Ladies: It's a clear cut case of curly ever after with Living Proof Curl Leave-In Conditioner.
  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: TOM FORD BEAUTY has 16 New Permanent Lip Colors for Fall 2015 that are covet-worthy! See all of the beautiful swatches and swoon!
  • I Know all the Words: Gorgeous fall shades with an unexpected twist from OPI with the OPI Venice Collection for fall/winter 2015
  • Be Happy And Buy Polish: Looking to get away to the beach but can't? Check out this beachy nail art manicure!

  • Thursday, September 3, 2015

    Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All-in-One Colour Gel Polish

    Bio Seaweed Gel Unity Uptown Lights Collection
    ::: press sample :::

    You might know that nail polish is one of my favourite things, but you might not know that my nails hate it. I have tried every method in the book, and what feels like every products to try and keep polish on my nails, but I rarely get much more than two or three days wear before chipping, flaking and peeling set in. There have been some products that give me an extra day or two, but nothing ends up being long-lasting. I've tried a few gel systems with mixed results, but decided to give one more a try when the opportunity to try Bio Seaweed Gel came along. Am I ever pleased that I did! I won't get ahead of myself, so read on for my wear experience and an easy to create sea inspired nail art look!

    Wednesday, September 2, 2015

    LA Splash Liquid Lipsticks | Ghoulish, Nymph Adora & Lovegood

    LA Splash liquid lipsticks (2)
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    I'm not sure where my head was when I planned this week's posts, but it looks like it's all about matte lips and nails. I've always loved nails and have been very into matte lips lately, but with all the brands releasing liquid lipsticks, I'd say I'm not alone on the last one. I recently fell victim to LA Splash and their gorgeous selection of shades. I was tempted to go matte-crazy and haul a bunch, but opted to stick to three shades to get a feel for the formula. I went with Ghoulish, Nymph Adora, and Lovegood. Want to see more? Read on!

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015

    OPI Venice Collection | Fall / Winter 2015

    OPI Venice Collection fall winter 2015
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    Fall! I love fall. Summer can go away now. I know, it's not officially fall yet, but the beauty world has moved on from summer and is ready for autumnal textures and hues (aka mattes and jewel tones.) OPI have shaken things up with their slightly unconventional offerings for fall/winter, as their Venice Collection gives us more than the typical fall fare. With twelve new (and permanent shades) plus three limited edition shades, there is something for every polish fan. Want a closer look? Read on!