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Monday, September 7, 2015

Everything Nails with Kiss

Everything Nails with Kiss
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One last nail post (for now...) Life came calling, so my final nail post of last week has been bumped to today, the unofficial last day of summer for most, as school starts Tuesday. I know most of you are a bit older than the school-age crowd, but Kiss has you covered where ever you're heading back to. Kiss is known of their huge array of faux nail options, but they also have a bit of everything for your nail related needs. Read on for a look!

Kiss imPress Press on Nails So, So Stellar (2)

Of the Kiss Family, the ImPress Press on Manicure is probably the most popular. Housed in nail polish style bottles (can you say cute?), the faux nails come with adhesive tabs on the back. Application is as simple as fitting the right size nail to your finger, popping the clear tab off the back of the nail and pressing them on. While most styles are the short length, I do find them to run a bit too long on some nails, so I clip and file them, It also makes them look a little less 'perfect' which I like. The nails look pretty real from a normal viewing distance and aren't obviously fake unless you're really examining them or are up close. Kiss claims you can get a full seven days wear, which you likely can as the adhesive is very sticky, but I find by day five or so, I'm ready to remove them as they can get scuffed and worn looking.

If you've got a little more time for application, and are looking for a trendy nail art look, The Collection Trendsetter Nails are for you. The Collection faux nails come in designs designed by nail art trendsetters and feature current trends and colours. The nails require glue (which is included) for application, but as they don't have the adhesive tabs under them, sit really close to your natural nail for an even more realistic look than you get with the ImPress styles. Each of the styles I was sent feature a range of matching designs to create a mixed look. The medium length is a bit longer than what I like, but these can be trimmed and filed to your liking.

Kiss Nail Pop in Wisteria Lane and Abbey Road (3)

Kiss Nail Pop in Abbey Road (2)

Continuing on with nail art are the ingenious Polish Pop Nail Art. Polish Pop combines nail art stickers with eight nail wrap stickers that you can mix and match over your preferred shades of polish. I don't wear faux nails on the regular, but I do wear a lot of nail polish. I love that you can mix and match the nail art bits for whatever kind of look you want and that one kit can last multiple manicures.

Nail art is great (obviously) but tending to the base (aka your nails) is just as important. The Professional Manicure Kit contains everything needed for perfect nails. The kit includes a nail buffer block, cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer, nail clippers, nail scissors, various types of nail files, orange wood sticks, and a nail brush. I really can't think of anything they didn't include, plus, the outer packaging of the kit also acts as a storage pouch to hold everything. The metal instruments all have a weighty, quality feel, and are plenty sharp (no dull, rough edges!) I love that everything is included in this kit for easy grooming and stashes away so easily.

Every blogger who dabbles in nail things (swatches or nail art) has a swatch hand. The hand that gets shown to the world and needs to have at very least four presentable nails on the ready. Those are the nails I am best at breaking. Luckily, kiss has some options that are perfect fixes for broken nails. For the extreme break or necessary chop, the Full Cover Nails are an easy way to get your swatch on. The super thin nails are very low profile which makes them look as natural as your own nails. They don't have a French tip, so they're easily painted, and repainted (I'd use a non-acetone remover for that though.) I love that they come housed in a clear divided tray for easy fitting and convenient storage.

The Full Coverage Nails come with a bottle of glue, but the PowerFlex Brush On Glue is a great choice as the brush on application results in less chance of air pockets (which allows for longer wear and less change of a nail popping off.) The glue can also be used to repair damage and partial breaks. By applying the glue to the effected area, letting it dry, then buffing, you can wait out a break and keep the nail a little bit longer. I'm great at getting tears low on the nail (too low to clip off) so I will definitely be reaching for this to remedy my next break.

Regardless your nail style, be it natural or faux, Kiss has some great products. I'm especially fond of the Polish Pop but do sport the ImPress Press Ons from time to time when I can't fit in a manicure (you can't beat that there is zero dry time!) I wasn't able to wear everything in time for this post, but be sure to follow my Instagram happenings to see more of these products in action. Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts?

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