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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LA Splash Liquid Lipsticks | Ghoulish, Nymph Adora & Lovegood

LA Splash liquid lipsticks (2)
::: I bought it :::

I'm not sure where my head was when I planned this week's posts, but it looks like it's all about matte lips and nails. I've always loved nails and have been very into matte lips lately, but with all the brands releasing liquid lipsticks, I'd say I'm not alone on the last one. I recently fell victim to LA Splash and their gorgeous selection of shades. I was tempted to go matte-crazy and haul a bunch, but opted to stick to three shades to get a feel for the formula. I went with Ghoulish, Nymph Adora, and Lovegood. Want to see more? Read on!

LA Splash Lip Couture Ghoulish, Smitten Liptint Mousse Nymph Adora and Lovegood  (1)LA Splash liquid lipsticks (1)
LA Splash Lip Couture Ghoulish, Smitten Liptint Mousse Nymph Adora and Lovegood  (2)

LA Splash has three ranges of matte liquid lipsticks: Lip Couture, Smitten Liptint (with Harry Potter shade names), and Studioshine Lip Lustre (with Disney princess shade names.) From what I can tell, each range is quite similar, all having a long-wearing matte formula. The shades I chose are from the Lip Couture and Smitten Liptint Mousse collections. Both formulas are quite similar, but the Smitten Liptinit Mousse is a bit thicker and more mousse like, while the Lip Couture has a thinner texture.

I was quite impressed with how pigmented the shades are- one pass and you're pretty much good to go! Plus, the matte formula is so easy to wear. The finish is completely matte, transfer and smudge-proof for hours (think all day) and doesn't dry out your lips. The formula doesn't add moisture, but doesn't leave you with sandpaper lips either. Application is quite easy, as the tubes have a slanted, doe foot applicator that works well to line lips and fill them in neatly. I did find that one of my applicators is a little fuzzy on the tip, so I find it best to use a lip brush to get a clean line around my cupids bow.

Ghoulish is a grey-beige nude. It's a bit of an odd shade, but a pretty type of odd that makes for an interesting neutral.

Nymph Adora is a chocolatey rosey-brown, This shade has that 90's vibe and is perfect for fall.

Lovegood is a mauvey-rose shade. I'm really pleased with all of the shades I chose, but Lovegood has been my most used (and loved) as it's just such a great shade.

Overall, I am totally a fan of LA Splash! I have been compiling a list of more shades I'm going to need because three is just not enough. I love the fact that these literally last all day and you don't have to think about touching up or reapplying. You will need something to remove them (any oil based remover or even straight coconut oil will work) as they literally hang on forever. They have a great assortment of shades as well, with everything from neutrals to bold and daring (like teal, navy, and black.) I highly suggest stopping by Taneja's Bride, as Shipra has great swatches of quite a few shades and useful comparisons. A warning though, every shade looks amazing on her and you are going to want them ALL.

While there are quite a few brands with similar options, LA Splash is an excellent option for Canadian lip lovers as they have a Canadian site with set Canadian prices. With the exchange rate at an all time low, the set price (which is only $1.99 more than the US price!) saves you the uncertainty of what your order will cost. Plus, $10 shipping isn't too bad either. Have you tried any liquid lipsticks from LA Splash? Like any of these shades?

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