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Friday, September 18, 2015

My Paula's Choice Routine | Clear Acne Kit + Resist

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my Paula's Choice routine Clear Acne Kit + Resist
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I feel like an appreciation of skincare is something that comes with age; it was for me anyway. Skincare just isn't as much fan as makeup, but is kind of essential if we want to look our best. I dabbled with skincare when I was younger, but never really stuck to anything and looking back, I can say I wasn't using the right products for my skin type most of the time either. If I only knew... I've been using Paula's Choice lately, and I can't help but think teenage me would have been a fan. Not only can you get a one-on-one skincare consultation (so you know exactly what is best for your skin,) but Paula's Choice offers something for everyone at any age. Read on for a look at my routine using Paula's Choice Clear Acne Kit and Resist products.

my Paula's Choice routine Clear Acne Kit + Resist

September is back to school season, which means many teens will be wanting to out their best face forward, but as we all know, acne can strike at any age (yay!) Paula's Choice Clear Acne Kit is a great way to combat all types of acne with ease. I've been using the regular strength kit, as I don't have sever or frequent breakouts, but there is an extra strength kit for those who need more oomph.

The kit includes three products- a cleanser, exfoliant, and treatment- that are formulated to be non-irritating and are fragrance free. I don't breakout all that often, but I do have little flare ups around that time of the month (woot woot for hormonal acne!) and have larger pores that can be susceptible to blackheads. I was very pleased when I read the product detaisl and found that this range not only treats and prevents your typical acne (aka whiteheads) but is also a great way to treat and prevent blackheads, which aren't always addressed by acne systems.

My routine starts with the Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser which thoroughly cleanses skin with a gentle formula that leaves skin refreshed, but not dry. This cleanser works to not only cleanse skin, but to also reduce redness and prevent it, while also dissolving pore clogging dirt oil and dirt.

I follow the cleanser with the Clear Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution a few times a week. The solution is a liquid exfoliator that works to prevent new breakouts, fades redness, unclog and minimize the look of pores, all while having a gentle formula that's non-drying. I love that I can gently remove dead skin cells with this and that I'm clearing out my pores at the same time.

When I have active breakouts, or feel one coming on, I reach for the Clear Daily Skin Clearing Treatment. The treatment can be used daily if you need it, but as I don't break out all the time and tend to have dry skin, I sue it as a spot treatment. The gel like lotion has a light texture that uses 2.5% benzoyl peroxide to reduce blemishes and reduce redness while leaving an invisible matte finish on skin.  

In combination with the Clear acne products, I've been using the Paula's Choice Resist range. I had a skin consultation with a Paula's Choice expert who chose the Resist range for my skin type. When I read the description, I realized it probably wouldn't have been what I would have chosen for myself as it's target for wrinkled, aging skin. If you read more of the description though, it's also formulated for dry, dull skin in need of radiance, which is totally me. Just like the Clear products, the Resist range is non-irritating and fragrance free, with no added dyes

After cleansing, I've been using the Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner. This milky toner is a bit thicker than your average, but is all kinds of amazing. My consultant chose it for my skin as it;s nourishing and replaces moisture that can be lost when using the acne treatments. The toner is formulated to smooth skin (and wrinkles) while building collagen for firmer skin and calm redness with anti-irritants.

For day, I follow up with the Resist Cellular Defense Moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 25. The creamy lotion is designed for all skin types (and is idea for those with very sensitive or rosacea-affected skin) not only protects from the damage of the sun, but also prevents wrinkles and brown spots. The cream has a silky feel that absorbs into the skin quickly and cleanly making it a great option for use under makeup. It leaves skin instantly hydrated ans smoother feeling and with daily use, rebuilds collagen and improves skintone and overall brightness.

For night, I reach for the Resist Intensive Repair Cream. Formulated for dry to very dry skin, this moisturizer is intensely hydrating with a rich formula, yet isn't overly heavy feeling on skin. Formulated with a  complex of antioxidants and retinol, it works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin by stimulating collagen production—all while protecting against moisture loss.The cream is instantly hydrating and takes mere seconds to absorb. My skin hasn't been overly dry since I started using this, so I've been reserving for just a few nights a week, but I know once winter comes around I'll be upping my usage to combat dryness yet again.

Overall, I'm super impressed with Paula's Choice! Not only are the products formulated with care and the best ingredients for your skin, but they're totally affordable. Their products are all fragrance free, free of irritants and dyes, and made with no animal testing. Plus, they're product lines offer something for literally every skin type and concern and if you happen to end up something you don't like, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. You really can't go wrong.  Have you used any Paula's Choice products? What are your favourites?

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