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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OPI Venice Collection | Fall / Winter 2015

OPI Venice Collection fall winter 2015
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Fall! I love fall. Summer can go away now. I know, it's not officially fall yet, but the beauty world has moved on from summer and is ready for autumnal textures and hues (aka mattes and jewel tones.) OPI have shaken things up with their slightly unconventional offerings for fall/winter, as their Venice Collection gives us more than the typical fall fare. With twelve new (and permanent shades) plus three limited edition shades, there is something for every polish fan. Want a closer look? Read on!

"Inspired by this extraordinary city, OPI presents a modern interpretation of Baroque style in the shades of the Venice Collection. Romantic reds, decadent blues, striking corals, dreamy pastels, elegant nudes, dramatic darks, and luxurious metallics proclaim that "less is more" is out and sumptuous indulgence is in."

I Cannoli Wear OPI is a pale, creamy grey with cool, blue undertones. This collection features quite a few creamy neutrals and they all have a really easy formula. The first coat was a little streaky, but evened out nicely on the second. Two coats.

Be There in a Prosecco is a buttery, cream coloured creme. It appears a bit streaky on a few fingers in my photo, but was super even in person, with a very easy formula. Two coats.

Tiramisu for Two is a milky coffee coloured tan-beige (aka nude) with a stellar formula as it's so close to being a one coat wonder. Two coats.

A Great Opera-Tunity is a peachy, melon cream. How pretty are the cremes in this collection? Another great formula that is almost perfect with one coat. Two coats.

Worth a Pretty Penne is a stunning copper foil. OPI has released some great foils in the past (who else loves Warm and Fozzie and Designer de Better?) and this follows suit. A perfect formula that applies in one coat. Yup. One!

It's a Piazza Cake is an interesting dusty orange that is perfectly summed up as persimmon. It reads a bit too red in my photo, but is oddly pretty. I really didn't think I'd like this shade, but I've really grown on it. Two coats.

OPI Venice Collection Gimme a Lido Kiss

Gimme a Lido Kiss is a glowy red shimmer. not the most interesting or unique shade, but it's glowing, lit from within glow is quite nice, although the shimmer is quite hidden. Easy formula, Two coats.

Amore at the Grand Canal is a medium depth red cream. It's a bit warmer than cherry, but still has a classic vibe. I love reds like this! Another good formula, two coats.

Purple Palazzo Pants is a cool, lilac pastel. I know, it;s not typically a fall hue, but it;s just so pretty I can give it a pass. I actually like to wear shades like this in the dead of winter to shake things up a little. Again, easy formula two coats.

O Suzi Mio is a deep, vampy, blackberry-plumcreme. This is a typical fall shade, so it's likely polish fans have a dupe of. The formula is great for such a deep shade as it applies so evenly and opaquely. Two coats.

My Gondola or Yours? is a black shimmer, although, the shimmer is very sparse and quite hideen. I would have liked to see more of the smoky shimmer appear as it does in the bottle, but you can't win them all. A thinner formula, but otherwise easy to apply. This shade does seem to dry with a flatter finish. Two coats.

Gelato on my Mind is cool, mint kissed pastel blue. It's kind of out of left field (can you tell I didn't know where to fit in with the rest of the cremes?) but is another gorgeous shade with an easy formula. Two coats.

Venice the Party is an aquamarine shimmer with a gorgeous glowy finish. It does suffer from some visible brush stroke action, but it's not anything extreme. Two coats.

St. Mark's the Spot is a medium depth royal blue with the same soft of glowing shimmer finish as Venice the Party. Brush stokes are a bit visible, but otherwise a great shade. Two coats.

Baroque but Still Shopping has a frosty, antique gold base with chunky pale gold glitter. This is an odd one, but does read so much better in person. While the glitter does leave the finish a bit bumpy, it's not as extreme looking in real life. Two coats.

OPI Venice Collection Swatches Collage

While I didn't quite know what to make of this collection at first, I have to say I kind of love it! The formulas are all easy to work with and apply super easily, and the shades are really flattering (okay, minus Baroque But Still Shopping...) I am loving the creme shades, and am a bit obsessed with Worth a Pretty Penne. What do you think of this collection? Any shades you love?

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