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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween Press-On Manicure by Broadway

broadway halloween press-on manicure (8)
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It's the spookiest time of year! Well, it's almost here, but it is the season for pumpkin carving, candy corn, witches, and ghouls. Even if you're not dressing up (or, even if you are)you can at least give your nails a bit of seasonal attire. Broadway has made it super easy, with their collection of Halloween themed press-ons. With everything from cute, to ghostly, to subtle, there is something for every taste. Read on for a closer look!

broadway halloween press-on manicure haunting
Haunting Press-On Manicure by Broadway

Haunting is certainly not scary, but rather a super cute mix of cartoon ghosts, spiders, candy corn stripes, and polka dot tips.

broadway halloween press-on manicure cauldron
 Cauldron Press-On Manicure by Broadway

Cauldron is a mix of slightly sinister looking jack-o-lanterns, orange on black spider webds, black on orange spiders, and multi-coloured glitter on black nails.

broadway halloween press-on manicure broomstick
Broomstick Press-On Manicure by Broadway

Broomstick takes the French manicure to the dark side, with black tips and a spiderweb motif. Some nails have a silver glitter detail under the tips with others having a silver glitter spider.

broadway halloween press-on manicure fright night
Fright Night Press-On Manicure by Broadway

Fright Night is the perfect design if you'll be dolling out (or trick or treating...) as it has 'trick or treat' printed nails in the mix. Along with them you get a monochromatic blend of spiderwebs, spiders, and a does of purple-blue glitter. Glitter is always good.

broadway halloween press-on manicure RIP
RIP Haunting Press-On Manicure by Broadway

RIP would be a great addition to a ghoulish costume, as the blood red nails with blackened, gold glitter dipped tips have a definite dark vibe.

broadway halloween press-on manicure ghostly (2)broadway halloween press-on manicure ghostly (1)
Ghostly Press-On Manicure by Broadway

Ghostly is the one design that isn't obviosuly Halloween themed with it's silver glitter gradient on a black base, but does make for a subtle look should you want it.

Overall, these are great nails should you want a bit of Halloween nail art without all of the work (peel and press is as easy as it gets.) The Halloween desings are available now for $9 each at Pharmasave, Lawtons, London Drugs, Jean Coutu, Brunet, Proxim, and Uniprix stores. I should note, all of these designs come in the medium length. I find the medium length to be too long for everyday wear, but for the night they're manageable. They can also be clipped and filled like a normal nail though, so length is up to you. Do you like themed nails? Would you wear any of these designs?

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