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Friday, October 16, 2015

This, That & Other Stuff VOL. 6

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It's Friday! Yay! *flails arms*This weeks was a bit bleck, so I'm pretty happy to see it end. To wrap up, I've got a few random beauty bits to chat up. In this version of TT&Os stuff there's some skincare, hair care, or should that be styling? Regardless, nail polish (and top coat) and brows, because as I've stated,it's the season of the brow product. Ready? Read on!

this that & other stuff skyn iceland glacial cleansing cloths vichy aqualia thermal boosting essence water

Cleansing cloths (or face wipes) aren't staples in my routine, but I do dabble with them from time to time. These Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths might just change my sporadical ways though- they're incredible! I've never used any cleansing cloth that left my skin so thoroughly clean, and with only one. These are used a little bit differently than your average wipe, as they foam (yup!) You simply rub the cloth against itself and you get a light foam that obliterates makeup and general face crud with a gentle formula. I definitely recommend trying these!

I am a big fan of the Vichy Aqualia Thermal range (the serum is a must have) so I was quite excited when the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Boosting Essence Water arrived. The lightweight liquid-gel is a serum meets toner type product that works to hydrate skin by traveling deeper into the skin's surface to replace moisture that may have been stripped by the cleansing process. The milky product is similar to the essence from a sheet mask (the whole concept of essences was an Asian innovation) and is applied via a cotton round and swiping it over skin (like toner.) I  love the feel of this and the added hydration boost it gives.

l'oreal elnett satin precious oil hairspray
L'Oreal Elnett Precious Oil Argan Hairspray- Strong Hold 400 ml $15.99 CAD

Hairspray is one of the only hair products I consistently use- I bounce around a lot when it comes to hair products. My most recent hairspray of choice is the L'Oreal Elnett Precious Oil Argan Hairspray. L'Oreal Elnett is a classic hairspray, but this is my first foray with the line. I have to say, I quite like this! The scent is stronger than I normally like, but it's one of those scent you end up liking and I like the way it lingers in hair. The Precious Oil edition infuses the Elnett formula with argan oil to care for dry, damaged hair in addition to it's long lasting hold, with a soft shine and satin touch. While I cant say that the argan oil has actually done much for my hair, I do like that this hairspray applies with a super light spray (no dousing action) and that it offers good hold without any crunchy, straw like effect.

this that & other stuff essie gel setter and formula x dynamite (1)

this that & other stuff essie gel setter and formula x dynamite (2)

I've had this bottle of Formula X Nail Colour in Dynamite for a little bit, but to be honest I just was not enthused by the shade. I'm not really a yellow fan, so this got tucked away. I realized I should give it a try, and you know, it's not such a bad shade. The vivid, yolk-y yellow doesn't look like it would suit a lot of skin tones, but it's actually not bad once on. The shade isn't too bright, but still has some pop, and I feel like it transitions into Fall pretty well too- I can't help but think it would pair nicely with a vampy burgundy. The formula applies pretty evenly in two coats and has a great glossy finish.

Since I'm on a one woman mission to try #allthetopcoats, I couldn't resist picking up a bottle of  Essie's newest Essie Gel Setter Top Coat. The initial reviews I read were pretty negative, which seemed a bit harsh, but the more I used this the more I had to agree with them. The first few uses were pretty good, but the formula thickened at an alarming rate. By the filth or sixth use it was gloopy and harder to work with. The finish is great-super shiny, durable feel, and fast drying, but I find it starts to peel after a day or two. Overall, I give this a big ol' pass.

this that & other stuff maybelline define and fill brow (2)this that & other stuff maybelline define and fill brow (1)

Rounding out the pack is a bit of brow action with Maybelline Brow Define + Fill Duo. The duo combines a slim (.2 mm) wax based pencil and a brow powder to create perfectly groomed brows without the harsh 'Instagram brow' look. The idea is to define brows with the pencil, then fill and soften them with the powder. The process is quick and easy, and yields a well defined and groomed look. The pencil is the perfect mix of wax and pigment and the powder is nicely pigmented, but easy to apply via the sponge tip. I've got to say, this is a great brow product!

And that is that... Another round of TT&OS. Thoughts? Tried any of these products? Any big plans for the weekend?

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